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Surrey Environment Partnership Responds to ‘Bewildering’ Recycling Video

Published on: 4 Oct, 2021
Updated on: 4 Oct, 2021

By Hugh Coakley

Bemused residents, uncertain how to sort their recycling, are being advised to check the website of the Surrey Environment Partnership (SEP).

After a local Labour Party video demonstrated the bewildering decisions faced when sorting waste at home, Neil Dallen, chair of the Surrey Environment Partnership (SEP) responded by saying the information for “any item they wish to dispose of” is available on their website.

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Library image of municipal waste.

He encouraged residents to use the “What to do with an item” page online or by an app available on Google Play Store or App Store and searching for “Surrey Recycles”. He said: “You enter your postcode and then whatever item you are disposing to find out what the best thing to do with it.”

He said their latest campaign included a game that residents can play to test and improve their recycling knowledge.

He also criticised the information on product packaging saying it “often doesn’t clearly say whether items can be recycled locally or not”.

He continued: “We have coordinated a response to the government’s recent consultation on Consistency in Household and Business Recycling Collections in England, part of its plans to overhaul the waste system. The results are intended to reduce confusion around recycling at kerbside by ensuring a consistent set of materials is collected by councils in England.”

SEP manage the waste from the 11 Surrey borough and district councils including Guildford.

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