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Surrey Table Tennis Association News January 2024

Published on: 18 Jan, 2024
Updated on: 18 Jan, 2024

Report by Chris Andrews

A number of Surrey-based players have been entered in the National Championships Qualifying Tournament.

They are: Joe Sawyer, David McKenzie, Adam Laws (Godalming); Max Flint (Merrow); Shaquille Webb-Dixon, Joseph Langheim-Ferreira, Nahom Asgedom, Krish Chotai (New Malden); Aaron McKibbin, Victor Guang Shi, Howard Onweng, Henry Maric-Murray (South Croydon);  Zion Boumpoutou, Ollie Maric-Murray (South Croydon); and Evelyn Pace.

In the Senior British League Ormesby lost to Brighton 5-2 as Brighton’s new signing Tom Javis beat Surrey-based Radoslav Kamberov (New Malden). 

Shaquille Webb-Dixon.

Fusion lost 5-2 to Ormeau with both Shaquille Webb-Dixon and Robert Pelc (Sutton) of Fusion winning one match each.  

Krish Chotai.

Krish Chotai came third at the Cippenham 4 star Junior Boys tournament. 

Chui-Que Wong won the Junior Girls plate competition and Kei Yin Ng (New Malden) won the Cadet Girls plate competition.

In the world ranking, Surrey-based Paul Drinkhall (Ashford) is ranked 114th in the Men’s Singles.

In Europe Paul is ranked 31st in the Men’s Singles and Robert Pelc is 425th. 

Surrey-based Danielle Kelly is ranked 132nd in Europe in the Women’s Singles. 

The English Rating ranking of Surrey-based players is as follows:

Senior Men: 12th Darius Knight, 22nd Shaquille Webb-Dixon, 41st Joseph Langham-Ferreira, 44th Nahom Asgedom, 45th Vadzim Antonau, all of New Malden.

Under 21 Men: 12th Nahom Asgedom, 18th Krish Chotai, 30th Howard Onweng, 45th Henry Maric-Murray.

Under 21 Women: 27th Evelyn Pace.

Under 20 Men: 14th Krish Chotai, 36th Henry Maric-Murray.

Under 20 Women: 25th Evelyn Pace.

Junior Boys: 16th Krish Chotai, 32nd Ollie Maric-Murray, 33rd Francesco Bonato.

Junior Girls: 17th Evelyn Pace.

Under 18 Boys: 11th Krish Chotai, 21st Ollie Maric-Muarray, 22nd Francesco Bonato, 39th Chidumebi Egbeama.

Under 18 Girls: 13th Evelyn Pace, 46th Emily Cheung, 47th Caron Charles, 48th Chui-Que Wong.

Under 17 Boys: 11th Ollie Maric Murray, 12th Francesco Bonato, 41st Daniyal Palmer.

Under 17 Girls: 34th Emily Cheung, 35th Caron Charles, 36th Chui-Que Wong, 39th Man Yin Ng.

Under 16 Boys: 25th Daniyal Palmer, 48th Vihan Nirmal. 

Under 16 Girls: 21st Caron Charles 22nd Chui-Que Wong, 32nd Kei Yin Ng, 42nd Amiee Man.

Cadet Boys: 12th Angad Saggu, 29th Noah Byrne-Smith, 43rd Callem Pace.

Cadet Girls: 18th Lok You Lam, 23rd Akshita Subramanium, 36th Kei Yin Ng, 40th Cheuk Ki Chow, 45th Alyona Bondar.

Under 14 Boys: 18th Noah Byrne-Smith, 29th Callem Pace, 43rd Aryan Samra, 45th Chalton Ngitngit

Under 14 Girls: 10th Lok Yiu Lam, 25th Alyona Bonda, 41st Wai Ching Kalya Wong.

Under 13 Boys: 12th Noah Byrne-Smith, 29th Chalton Ngitgnit, 44th Gui Xian Yang.

Under 13 Girls: 7th Lok Yiu Lam 16th Alyona Bondar, 27th Wai Ching Kayla Wong, 36th Lok Ka Bianka Wong, 43rd Chui-Ha Wong.

Under 12 Girls: 8th Alyona Bondar.

Under 10 Boys: 7th Benjamin Whitby-Smith, 10th Yusuf Jamaluddin.

Veterans Men: 23rd Adam Laws.

Veterans Women: 48th Michelle McGovern. 

Danielle Kelly is 8th on the Welsh Senior Women’s ranking list.

Former Surrey Cadet Alexander Gillen is 2nd on the Irish Senior Men’s Ranking list.

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