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Take Your Pick From The Guildford Divisions Candidate Lists for the SCC Election

Published on: 20 Apr, 2017
Updated on: 24 Apr, 2017

Surrey County Council Election – Guildford Divisions

If you are considering who to vote for at the county council election on May 4th here is a list of candidates standing in the ten Guildford divisions.

They were all asked to provide a summary of up to 125 words answering the questions: Why should you be a county councillor? – What is the most important issue facing Surrey County Council? – What is the most important issue in your division?


Jacob Armani, Labour – No summary received

Kyle Greaves, UKIP – No summary received

Neil Jameson

Neil Jameson, Green Party
Neil is a local Ash resident and a teacher who works for a local conservation organisation supporting schools in connecting children to nature and promoting environmental awareness. As a former local authority education advisor and a trustee of an international development charity, he passionately believes in the need for communities everywhere become more sustainable. He is concerned by the numerous challenges facing residents especially on cuts to services, local jobs and the continual problem of flooding in the area. Neil’s priorities are to fight austerity cuts including protecting schools from financial hardship, divesting from fossil fuels, campaigning to have appropriate affordable housing for everyone which does not eat into our green belt and supporting local businesses in building a green economy which creates local jobs.

Caroline Johnson, Liberal Democrat (no photo provided)
Caroline grew up in south Farnham, attending Farnham Girls Grammar School, before obtaining a BA from Manchester University and a PGCE from London. She has taught in schools and museums, was a guide and presenter at Hampton Court Palace for 12 years, and is now an independent scholar, researching, writing and lecturing on 16th century English dress. For seven years she was sole carer for her elderly mother.
Studies apart, Caroline has always lived in Surrey, moving to Ash in 1985. She is an active member of St Mary’s Church, and is involved in community initiatives. Her first priority as a councillor would be to represent Ash residents’ views; her chief concern is that Surrey’s social care obligations are not all being met.

Marsha Moseley, Conservative – No summary received

Guildford East

Graham Ellwood

Graham Ellwood, Conservative
My six main priorities: Continuing to deal with anti social and dangerous parking near our schools; measures will also be taken to further discourage anti social parking; continuing to improve road safety for children and parents on their way to and from school; continuing to work to slow traffic speeds in Merrow and Burpham following the installation of Vehicle Activated Signs; continuing to make parking more flexible following the introduction of restrictions in Merrow Parade, Kingpost Parade and Burpham Lane; continuing to ensure illegal advertising and flytipping is not tolerated by removing all unwanted items from Highways Land to keep Merrow and Burpham tidy; continuing to work with local schools and voluntary organisations to help financially wherever possible from the allowances available.

Richard Mithen

Richard Mithen, Labour
Dr. Richard Mithen, local GP, Merrow resident of 10 years, is standing in Guildford East.
Frontline healthcare, and experience running a local business, gives Richard unique insight into the woeful underfunding at a time of further drastic cuts to the social care budget.
In Burpham and Merrow, pressing areas include ending the growing dependency on food banks, decent social care provision, stopping Newlands Corner decimation, decent road maintenance and giving schools the funding desperately needed.
Particularly urgent (highlighted by Richard on BBC Surrey Radio), is reinstating Royal Surrey stroke services so Guildford has this emergency service locally.
With solid support from his wife and children, in Richard, Guildford East will get an enthusiastic, professional representative who finds practical, cost effective solutions with a compassionate ethos.

Sam Peters, Green Party (no photo provided)
Sam has grown up in Guildford and works at Surrey University. A founding member of the Guildford & East Waverley Greens, he has campaigned on local issues for many years, most recently to protect Surrey Wildlife Trust, which looks after our county’s green spaces. Surrey‐wide, Sam is particularly concerned about cuts to public services, development and drilling in our beautiful countryside and the recent shambles over SCC’s budget. His key issues for Guildford East are preventing attacks on social care (a lifeline for elderly and disabled residents), opposing £1m cuts to local schools, and finally fixing our roads properly – not just cheaply refilling holes every few months, which costs us more in the long run! He also wants to better involve local residents in decision‐making.

George Potter

George Potter, Liberal Democrat
George is a software developer and University of Surrey graduate who has lived in Guildford for the past eight years. He’s determined to stand up for local people in Guildford East and to work to put right the financial chaos created by the Conservative administration at Surrey County Council.
He’s demanding a thorough review of the council’s property investment portfolio – which has seen the council spend £148 million to buy property outside the county but made a net loss of £315,000 last year – to get better value for money for taxpayers and to help protect public services from cuts.
He’ll campaign for a real, long-term solution to transport problems in Guildford, for better road repairs and to protect our schools and libraries from cuts.

Guildford North

Angela Goodwin

Angela Goodwin, Liberal Democrat
Angela lives near Guildford Station with her husband and daughter. She was elected to Guildford Borough councillor in 2015 and is a strong, caring voice for her community. She wants to build on the work of Pauline Searle who is standing down as a county councillor after 12 years.
Until end of March 2017, when Surrey County Council completely cut its funding, Angela worked for a charity supporting unpaid carers. She is passionate about social care and understands how important it is for people to get the right help and support to remain in their community.
Angela’s top priorities are being a strong voice for Guildford North on SCC, ensuring that roads in the community are fixed and schools continue to receive the funding they need.

Anne Rouse

Anne Rouse, Labour
I believe communities are best served by people who live in them and care about what happens to its residents. I have lived and worked in Stoughton for over 25 years and have served Guildford as a school governor (16 years) and am Chair of Trustees for a local charity (7 years).
Among the many important issues affecting Surrey my biggest concern is the cut to the education budget. We are undermining the professionals who work in our schools by not giving them the funds they need to deliver the best quality education to all of our children.
In Guildford North residents have spoken to me about issues around roads, parking and traffic, also litter and funding our schools, so my focus would start with their concerns.

David Snipp

David Snipp, Conservative
David first moved to Guildford 34 years ago where he worked as a COBOL programmer on the Payroll System at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food (MAFF) on the Epsom Road. It was there he met his future wife Pauline, who was the canteen manageress. David went on to write software professionally for the BBC Micro and then worked at IBM on OS/2, then Microsoft in Seattle on Windows NT before returning back to the UK to set up his own software company in 1993.  As a husband, father of two and a successful businessman with a deep understanding of technology, his proven problem-solving skills combined with his energy and enthusiasm for our area, he can make a real difference.

Paul Stevenson, Green Party (no photo provided)
Paul lives in Guildford with his family, the youngest being born in the Royal Surrey County Hospital last year. He is a scientist at the University of Surrey and has worked there since 2000. In that time, local and national policies have only made things significantly worse for many, particularly the younger generation, resulting in reduced quality of life for those that are not in the wealthy elite. He is in the Green Party because of their commitment to stop austerity, oppose the Conservative government, affordable housing and access to education. Paul supports evidence‐based policies promoting quality of life; from affordable housing, to a transport system that works better for all users from pedestrians to car drivers; from schooling and education, to good local facilities. As a Green councillor he will be a progressive voice for a sustainable future we can all live with.

Guildford South East

Leonie Anderson

Leonie Anderson, Liberal Democrat
Leonie has lived in Guildford South East for 11 years. A professional musician, she has played in London orchestras, taught in schools, conservatoires and youth orchestras across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. She is standing for the county council because she is concerned about the constant cuts to the arts and creative subjects in maintained and special educational needs schools. Travel is also a major issue for some SEN pupils, who are often taxied halfway across the county when more special units attached to schools would be better for everyone.
Leonie wants social and health care funding to be brought together and channelled into home services, ending bed-blocking and allowing people to grow old with dignity.

Mark Brett Warburton

Mark Brett-Warburton, Conservative
Why should I remain a county councillor? I have listened to residents, been proactive in my work and have taken action to improve the situation for my Division, Guildford and Surrey.
The most important issue facing SCC? Growth in demand for our most expensive services, Adult Social Care, Schools and Special Educational Needs against a background of diminishing income. I will work to find ways of cutting costs but not the quality of services.
The most important issue facing my division? With increasingly tight finances, I am expecting to find it hard getting the funding needed for highways works, but I will fight for a fair share of what funds are available to improve the quality of the roads and pavements in Guildford South East.

Howard Smith

Howard Smith, Labour
I was born and brought up in Guildford. I went to Bellfields Primary and then George Abbot secondary. I am married to Debbie, am a new dad and proud to be standing in the ward in which I live.
I’m impressed that other parties can keep saying how they’re going to improve services in the town, fix the roads and make things better, but frankly they have been in charge for a long time and I think now is a good time for a change.
There is so much that is great about our town. We just need some competence in government to ensure that we preserve what we have and actually provide real improvements to the infrastructure and the services that we need.

Guildford South West

Mark Bray-Parry

Mark Bray-Parry, Green Party
Mark has lived in Guildford for 11 years. Having graduated from the University of Surrey and worked for the Royal Surrey County Hospital, he is passionate in his support of both institutions, particularly at a time where they come under financial pressure from the loss of EU funding and Government cuts. In the past five years, Mark has been involved with campaigns across Surrey, standing against cuts to bus services, the controversial development of Newlands Corner, and the Solum railway station development plan that was not only incongruous, but fell short of Guildford’s need for more affordable housing. Mark has also participated in national campaigns, most recently the “Bridges Not Walls” campaign with a message of support for minorities in a period of intensified oppression.

David Goodwin

David Goodwin, Liberal Democrat
David has lived in Guildford Park Road with his wife (who is also a borough councillor) and daughter for 21 years. For 18 of those he has been a borough councillor in Friary & St Nicolas, and more recently in Onslow. He was elected to Surrey County Council in 2005 for Guildford South West division (Onslow & Friary) and is a strong, passionate voice in his community.
As a county councillor David will focus on the twin challenges of Surrey’s poor financial management and it’s growing funding gap. He wants to avoid large increases in council tax while ensuring the council continues to improve its recycling (through removing fees at its community recycling centres) and delivers essential services such road maintenance, education and social care.

Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes, Conservative
Bob Hughes moved to Guildford to run the charity Sight for Surrey providing support for people who are vision impaired, deafblind, hard of hearing or deaf.
He brings community and political knowledge having been a councillor and MP in London. Since then, working in the area of eyesight and preventing blindness he successfully lobbied for health improvements in all countries of the UK and works well across political divides. Working with our highly effective MP, Anne Milton, he has the experience and insight to achieve the improvements and changes we need in Guildford.
Bob has four daughters. His eldest is a health practitioner, another works in charity social housing, his third daughter in film and TV and his youngest is at university.

Chapel Kabir, The Peace Party – Non-violence, Justice, Environment (no photo provided)
I have been put forward as a candidate for “The Peace Party – Non-violence, Justice, Environment” for Surrey County Council because I stand for positive Peace, encompassing the full range of universal human values.  I would help promote the application of these values in Surrey in: well-functioning government – including the provision of non-violent safety, security and protection; sound business environment: equitable distribution of resources, equity in income as well as equal access to resources such as health and social care and education; acceptance of the rights of others; good relations between neighbours including Guildford Borough, Surrey County, the United Kingdom and the European Union; free flows of information through a free and independent media; quality, values-based education for everyone; confidence and trust in institutions.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith, Labour
These are tough times for all in Surrey and as someone who lives and works in Guildford South West I will campaign for a better deal for you from the county council.
The biggest issue facing Surrey is the crisis in social care. Increasing council tax by 5% is not a fair way to pay for something that should be funded centrally and integrated with the NHS.
Locally, I will fight to save vital services from Tory and Lib Dem cuts. Children should be taught in classes under 30 by qualified teachers.  Bus services should be run for passengers, not for profit, and can cut congestion for all road users.  Guildford Library is a central part of the community and must be protected.

Guildford West

Adam Buick

Adam Buick, Socialist Party of Great Britain
I am standing to make the point that local problems arise from the economic system of production for profit that exists everywhere and that they cannot be solved unless this system is replaced by one based on common ownership and democratic control of the means of production.
The main issue facing Surrey County Council is a lack of funds to provide decent care for the elderly and vulnerable but also to even keep the street lights on. Most of its funding comes from central government, and the “Great Recession” following the “Crash of 2008” required the government to cut back on its spending to relieve the pressure on profits. These cuts have now trickled down to local level. That’s why capitalism is to blame.

Adrian Chandler

Adrian Chandler, Conservative
Adrian is currently a borough councillor for Onslow. He wants to tackle anti-social parking in Onslow, Westborough and Park Barn, having helped Onslow resident present a petition on this subject. He is also standing to improve roads and pavement by getting projects put back into Project Horizon, championing the development of a station at Park Barn and improving the A3 by having it placed in a tunnel. He believes that Guildford West deserves strong representation at the heart of County Hall.

George Dokimakis

George Dokimakis, Labour and Co-operative
I want my area to get the attention it deserves and be represented by a local person. We have been without competent representation for too long. The Tories are running amok, the Lib Dems are more interested in spending public funds than challenging the status quo, money is being wasted and services are being cut. Guildford West deserves better.
The biggest issue is solid financial management without impacting on services and my professional experience makes me uniquely qualified to do this.
My local priorities are installing a traffic light outside St Joseph’s School, resurfacing the roads across my ward, stopping the cutbacks that affect our safety and security.
I am standing as a Labour and Co-operative candidate because co-operatives offer a great alternative for delivering public services. Social care, bus travel and education are but three examples of the co-operative difference already up and running in more innovative authorities than staid old Surrey County Council. In co-operatives services users and employees work together to deliver services people need, putting community needs before profits.
As the only candidate living within Westborough and Park Barn, I am asking my neighbours to support me.

John Morris

John Morris, The Peace Party – Non-violence, Justice, Environment
I have been put forward as a candidate for “The Peace Party – Non-violence, Justice, Environment” for Surrey County Council because I stand for positive Peace, encompassing the full range of universal human values.  I would help promote the application of these values in Surrey in: well-functioning government – including the provision of non-violent safety, security and protection; sound business environment: equitable distribution of resources, equity in income as well as equal access to resources such as health and social care and education; acceptance of the rights of others; good relations between neighbours including Guildford Borough, Surrey County, the United Kingdom and the European Union; free flows of information through a free and independent media; quality, values-based education for everyone; confidence and trust in institutions.

Jo Purvis

Jo Purvis, Green Party
Jo has lived in Surrey since 1980, and having worked with families and vulnerable people over 37 years is aware of the effects that policy changes make on their circumstances and is opposed to unfair austerity cuts.
Greens seek honest, ethical scrutiny of policy, aiming for the highest environmental standards and a Green economy, supportive of small local businesses, efficient and sustainable transport, walking and cycle routes to meet climate change targets and improve quality of life. Jo supports the location of a new Guildford satellite railway station at Park Barn, which, if well linked with paths and cycleways, could greatly reduce congestion caused in the area from those driving in to the Research Park, Royal Surrey County Hospital and university, as well as serving residents directly.

Fiona White

Fiona White, Liberal Democrat
Fiona has been the County Councillor for Guildford West since 2005.  In that time, she has been very involved in local organisations such as the Park Barn & Westborough Community Association and The Barn Youth Project.  She has also joined the management committee of the CHIPS Play Scheme charity. At County Hall, Fiona is the Liberal Democrat spokesperson on social care issues.  She has lived in Guildford Borough since 1981.  She is a mother and grandmother.  Fiona has campaigned with local groups on road safety issues and is working with borough councillor Julia McShane to make sure that there are better facilities for young people in the community and for improvements in health care.


Robert Cane, UKIP – No summary received

Carolyn Fiddes – Labour – No summary received

Julie Iles

Julie Iles, Conservative
I’m standing for Horsleys to make a difference. I know the issues here and have the contacts to ensure things are actioned and resolved. My earlier business career gives me the financial understanding to deliver value for money services. The most important issue facing our County is the need to balance the budget with the demand for social care whether that is for the elderly, those with learning disabilities or young people in care. Locally in the Horsleys (which includes East and West Horsley, Ripley, Wisley, Ockham, Effingham and East Clandon) our residents are very concerned with the Local Plan and want to guard against inappropriate building and protect our precious green belt. My ethos is simple I stand with residents or not at all.

Ann James

Ann James, Green Party
Ann James has lived in Surrey for 50 years. She is standing for the Green Party because it is the only party with a realistic alternative to this government’s disastrous austerity policy. Green councillors have a track record of working constructively with other parties to get things done. They are open and honest in their work to bring about a fairer society. They listen to the people they represent with an open mind. Surrey really needs more councillors who will scrutinise and question the proposals put before them, rather than simply go along with the majority.

Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy, Liberal Democrat
Paul is a former barrister, accountant and actuary with 30 years’ professional experience working in both private and public sectors. He wants to fix the financial mess at Surrey County Council, and protect our villages and green belt from overdevelopment. He strongly opposes the Conservatives’ inclusion of a new town at the former Wisley airfield in their Local Plan. With two Lib Dem Borough councillors now representing 60% of the Horsleys area, Paul will make Surrey County Council more open and responsive to residents’ concerns – including the scandal of Conservative-run Surrey paying 10% of Britain’s entire pothole compensation bill. Paul lives in Bookham just off the A246 with easy access to all the Horsleys villages. He enjoys sports and sings with Horsley Choral Society.


Fran Aslin

Fran Aslin, Green Party
Fran is a Surrey resident who has brought up three children here. She is an educationalist, with considerable experience in secondary and higher education across Surrey and Hampshire. She opposes education cuts and the privatisation of education services. As a committed Green supporter, she believes that environmental and social concerns are closely linked. She wants the council to build genuinely affordable social housing to environmentally sustainable standards, whilst protecting the green belt. Public transport is a priority and she opposes the closure of Guildford bus station. If elected, she would seek opportunities to push central government to fully fund social care and would work to reverse plans for fracking in the Surrey Hills. Fran thinks the Greens bring crucial transparency and accountability to local politics.

Matt Furniss

Matt Furniss, Conservative
I have enjoyed meeting so many residents of Shalford Division in the run-up to the election on May 4.
It is clear from both canvassing and the survey I have conducted, roads remain the priority for local residents in addition to easing congestion and tacking flooding.
If elected to Surrey County Council it will be my mission to represent residents of Shalford, Ash South & Tongham and the Pilgrim villages including Puttenham and Shackleford in finding solutions.
This will be at the same time as continuing to provide quality core services to Surrey residents at good value for money. Adult Social Care & Special Needs Education will remain high on the agenda at Surrey County Council as we have a social duty to provide for vulnerable residents.

George Johnson

George Johnson, UKIP
A resident of Guildford since 1981, I was elected as councillor for Shalford division in 2013. I have faithfully served my residents, attending parish council meetings regularly and initiating improvements in road safety, schools, and giving financial support to local charities work I will continue if re-elected.
I hope to instill at SCC a measure of cost-consciousness, clearly lacking in view of the recent council tax increase of 4.99%.
A Tory for Shalford would not give an individual voice to local concerns but merely provide one more to be “whipped” into the party line.  I will always vote as an individual.
In Shalford division there has been a lack of consultation. The views of parish councils are ignored. I’ll argue for full consultation on every subject of concern.

Nick Norton, Guildford Greenbelt Group
I have lived in Normandy for 25 years. I am an IT consultant, am married and I’ve a son still at school.
I have a passion for Surrey and I have demonstrated my commitment to it and desire to improve our environment and the lives of people living here by serving it and being involved in local affairs for many years. I’ve been a Normandy parish councillor, and the organiser of the Normandy Action Group. I’m a founder member of GGG and on its main committee.
If elected I will pursue: reduction in air pollution; control of waste management as it affects the countryside; control of minerals exploitation in the green belt and Surrey Hills AONB; planning for school places; reduced monetisation of the countryside.

Mark Redhead

Mark Redhead, Labour
I believe that Shalford needs a representative who can speak out to protect our vital local services and support all members of our community. Surrey County Council has presided over a litany of failures in serving our local community.
I have lived in Guildford for 31 years. I am a committed member of the local community I have been a member of my Residents Association for over 15 years, I’m the Chairman of Guildford City FC, and I’m involved in volunteering work within Surrey.
My priorities are: preventing the closure of stroke services at RSCH; provision of adult social care; the state of road surfaces; my local priority is stopping the introduction of parking charges at Newlands Corner.

James Steel

James Steel, Liberal Democrat
James moved to Guildford from Devon. Studying International Tourism Management at University of Surrey he has very quickly developed a passion for his new home and in particular Guildford City Football Club.
If elected as county councillor for Shalford his top priorities would be working to increase youth participation with local issues across the whole of Surrey, working to improve public transport for out of town areas and holding Surrey’s Conservative councillors to account for the current £30m funding black hole. He also firmly believes that local services must be maintained and local residents should not foot the bill of Conservative failings at Surrey and Westminster.


Vicki Elcoate

Vicki Elcoate, Green Party
Vicki has campaigned for the protection of the Surrey countryside for many years. Her work for environmental charities has given her expertise in supporting the local economy and green jobs, while ensuring a good quality of life for local communities and the environment they depend on. She has been engaged in campaigns on affordable housing and protecting the green belt from development. Her current priority is opposing oil drilling in Surrey. She loves walking and the beautiful rural areas and villages we have locally.

Tom Hunt

Tom Hunt, Liberal Democrat
Tom grew up in South-East London and studied in Durham and Birmingham, before moving to Surrey in 1993 and Guildford in 2001.  Tom is married with a daughter and works as a commercial director for a large IT company.  He was a governor of Tillingbourne School between 2010 and 2014, and enjoys spending time with his family, cycling and watching rugby.
Tom’s priorities will be to address the council’s growing funding gap, seeking to avoid large and unwelcome increases in council tax, whilst ensuring that the council continues to deliver essential services, including social care, education and maintenance of the county’s road network.  He will also take time to listen to local residents, working on their behalf in the county council.

Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor, Conservative
Since 2009, I have been the county councillor for what is officially called the “Shere” Division. This actually comprises the villages of Abinger Hammer (part of), Albury, Chilworth, Farley Green, Gomshall, Holmbury St Mary, Little London, Peaslake, St Martha, Send, Shere and West Clandon. As chairman of the Guildford Local Committee, I have also been responsible for the delivery of a wide range of County services throughout the Borough area. As vice chairman of the Planning and Regulatory Committee, I have also been heavily involved with various types of development throughout Surrey, including the provision of thousands of extra school places. I am standing for re-election because I wish to continue to serve the residents of my division and those throughout the county.

Rob Woof

Rob Woof, Labour
I have lived in Send since 1990 with my wife and three sons, who all attended local state schools. I have held various IT jobs in the local area for 30 years.
I believe we urgently need more investment in education and we must focus on school places that benefit all children in Surrey, rather than continually reorganising our education system and wasting valuable resources on divisive policies that undermine our teachers and education experts. Developing the necessary skills of all of Surrey’s young people is critical to the future strength of our communities.
It’s important for me that the many Labour supporters in the area have a chance to have their views heard on the council.


Paul Hienkens

Paul Hienkens, Liberal Democrat
Paul is a dad to two amazing children, a mature student at the University of Surrey (LL.B in Law with International Relations) and long standing Liberal Democrat supporter & activist. His background is in commodities trading and the technology required to do so transparently. Born in Holland, he speaks three languages fluently.
Standing to be next county councillor for the Worplesdon division, Paul says: “You only need to look at the roads and social services, to name but two, to see that the county is run very inefficiently with no regard to those who need our support the most.”
Paul’s experience in industry has provided him with the skills and knowledge required to deliver on the Liberal Democrat’s manifesto for Surrey.

Dominic Stone

Dominic Stone, Labour
Dominic has lived in Worplesdon for seven years. He has been the deputy chair of the Guildford constituency Labour Party for three years. He was active in support of the Stronger In campaign prior to the EU Referendum and is now the European advocate for Guildford Labour.
Dominic is a media industry specialist with many years as an executive in public broadcasting and now in media technology. He is committed to social democracy and fair distribution of wealth in the market economy. His hobbies including sailing and flying light aeroplanes.
As your county council representative Dominic will work to represent the Labour Party, strive for the best possible deal for Britain’s relationship with Europe and support local issues including health, travel, education and the economy.

Eugene Suggett

Eugene Suggett, Green Party
Eugene has lived in Surrey for seventeen years. During that time, Surrey’s precious green belt has come under more and more pressure, and pollution levels have risen. We need affordable and sustainable homes, better support for old people, improved public spaces with clean air. Especially, we need safer and more pleasant walking and cycling routes, to encourage more walking and cycling for everyday short journeys, and for journeys to transport links, as well as for recreation. The Greens will work towards this, and will support producers of local and welfare‐friendly food, oppose oil drilling and fracking, and encourage renewable energy generation.

Keith Witham

Keith Witham, Conservative
Road safety is the issue most people get in touch about. I have successfully campaigned for improvements, at dozens of localities, new pedestrian islands, flashing speed signs, improved road signage, speed reductions and safer crossing points, to address road safety concerns, accidents and speeds.  I’ll continue to press for improvements whenever and wherever possible.
Local roads now fully resurfaced thanks to Conservative Surrey increasing roads spending include: Woking Road and Clay Lane, Jacobs Well; Guildford Road, Normandy;  Frog Grove Lane, Wood Street Village; and Aldershot Road, Pirbright.  More needs to be done and thanks to the Conservatives there are now extra funds for pavement repairs and resurfacing.
Let’s reduce the UK’s Oversea Aid budget, and transfer that money to Adult Social Care and the NHS.

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    All political hopefuls should see Fracked!

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    Thank you to The Guildford Dragon NEWS for making this information available online. I found it very helpful (and the page did not continually reload!).

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