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Taxi-driver Loses Crown Court Appeal After Council Revokes Licence

Published on: 22 Aug, 2020
Updated on: 22 Aug, 2020

A Guildford taxi-driver has been banned from operating after he lost his Crown court appeal against the council’s decision to revoke his licence.

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The council revoked the driver’s licence in July 2019 for having a poor record of vehicle maintenance by failing to ensure it was roadworthy and safe for customers, and driving without an MOT certificate. Also, several complaints were made about the driver’s behaviour, including being on a Skype call while driving with a passenger aboard.

The driver had lost an appeal to the magistrates’ court in December 2019 and his Crown court appeal was dismissed on August 12. That court awarded the council a further £1,800 in costs, on top of the £2,137 awarded by magistrates’ court.

Cllr James Steel, lead for Environment, said: “We are pleased with the court’s decision. We have a duty to ensure the safety and protection of our residents, visitors and those who work in Guildford and they can be confident their journeys with our licensed taxis will be safe.

“If you are planning to make the most of mid-week or to enjoy a night out with friends and family on the weekend, take one of our licensed taxis from a rank or book a private hire vehicle through a Guildford-licensed operator to help you get home safely.

“Guildford taxis and private hire vehicles are easy to recognise with their distinctive teal-coloured vehicle or door-sticker, so you can be confident you are taking a properly licensed, safe vehicle. Remember to continue to follow government guidance and wear a face covering when taking a taxi or private hire vehicle and wash your hands regularly.

“All our taxis are fitted with meters and accept card payments for convenience with fair prices to offer the best possible service. If you do have any comments about the standards, then please let us know by visiting the online form to complain about a taxi driver or company, quoting the licence number of the vehicle.”

This article is based on a press release by Guildford Borough Council.

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