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Team Volunteering Days are Welcome at the Rosamund Community Garden

Published on: 12 Feb, 2024
Updated on: 16 Feb, 2024

People at the Rosamund Community Garden, Longdown Road, Guildford are in the process of building its Garden Hub, which will provide a valuable community meeting venue for years to come.

They say they are really excited to get the hub finished and volunteer team days will help them achieve this and would welcome some additional help.

Once complete, there will be group seminars, conservation and wildlife talks and wellbeing sessions at the hub.

The aim is also for the hub to be a successful venue for social and green prescribing groups.

Volunteer team days can be run most weekdays. There is also the monthly Big Job Sundays where anyone can get involved working on a project that day.

The Rosamund Community Garden, Longdown Road, GuildfordGu4 8PP.

Rosamund Community Garden is where local people come to grow vegetables in tune with nature, using no-dig methods and slow natural enrichment.

The total area of the site is 19 acres of which about one acre is used to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers.

There is an orchard with apple, pear and nut trees, two poly tunnels, and a fruit cage for growing soft fruit. In addition, bee colonies occupy the natural bee hives.

Visitors are welcome, whether to buy produce (when available), help in the garden in exchange for garden produce, use the garden for education or simply to look around and enjoy the view and wildlife.

If your group, or team where you work would like to volunteer for a day (or more) in the garden, send an email to Julie Prichard at

The garden is named after Rosamund Arvidsson, who lived with her two children in a house at the top of Longdown Road, off One Tree Hill.

To protect that bit of chalk downland from development she purchased 19 acres, which had a history of growing wheat and more recently being cut for hay.

Her son and daughter are working with Transition Guildford to secure it in the best interests of wildlife and to help nurture, what everybody agrees, is a peaceful and spiritual place.

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