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Thames Water Responds to Weyside Sewage Works Questions

Published on: 1 Dec, 2020
Updated on: 3 Dec, 2020

By Hugh Coakley

A reader’s letter (Moving Sewage Plant Uphill Not My Idea of Weyside Success) posed a number of question on the planned relocation of the Thames Water sewage treatment works required for the Weyside Urban Village

We put Jim Allen’s points of view and questions to Thames Water. Here are the responses in full:

The new site for the sewage treatment works (STW) is an unstable landfill site which is unsuitable for an STW.

TW: “The new sewage works will be built on part of a former landfill site. We have carried out extensive surveys and investigations to confirm the site is suitable.”

The relocated STW is on an elevated position which will require one third more energy to raise effluent uphill.

TW: “We will provide further details on the design of the site when we hold our public consultation next year, but we will consider energy use in our studies.”

Bellfields allotments, the Thames Water sewage works and ‘Aggie’ club will all be movedbecause of the Weyside Urban Village.

The new STW will be undersized by 2024

TW: “The new sewage works are being built to include future-proofing for population increases and is forecast to be operational in 2026.”

Why is the STW being upgraded at the public’s expense including getting rid of the smell which should be Thames Water’s liability, not the public’s?

TW: “We are relocating the existing sewage works to accommodate the development of the Weyside Urban Village, which makes up part of Guildford Borough Council’s Local Plan 2019. The council is not funding an upgrade of the sewage works but is funding the relocation in exchange for the land the existing sewage works is situated on to enable the homes to be built.

“At every one of our sewage works we operate a strict Odour Management Plan which is the case for the existing sewage works and will be the case for the new one.”

If the Weyside Urban Village is dependent on the relocation of the STW, should planning permission be obtained before getting permission for the houses?

TW: “The Weyside Urban Village hybrid planning application is being submitted to Guildford Borough Council in December 2020. We will apply separately to Surrey County Council. The application timings do not need to follow in sequence as development will not be possible on the existing sewage works site until permission is secured for the new sewage works and it is constructed and commissioned.”

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