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The Shop Front: Oseyo – Bringing the Beauty of Korean Culture to Guildford

Published on: 24 Feb, 2024
Updated on: 24 Feb, 2024

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By Joseph Bickle

The largest Korean and Asian retail supermarket chain in the UK has opened a store at 22 North Street, Guildford.

The new Oseyo store in North Street, Guildford.

Oseyo offers an extensive variety of Korean foods and products for anyone who wants to expand their tastebuds into its food culture, and it’s the best place in Guildford to do so.

With Oseyo meaning “welcome” in Korean, the business “seeks to inject a fresh, dynamic ambiance of Korean and Asian food and culture into Guildford,” said the Oseyo team.

Photos of the store with a huge array of products to choose from.

A large and modern interior offers a vast array of products, bringing just a slice of the beauty of Korean culture.

Some of the most popular foods and drinks highly recommended by the staff are hot spicy ramyum (ramen), kimchi, Korean ice cup drinks, specifically the mango flavor, corndogs and products from other Asian countries such as Hong Kong’s mango pancakes and Chinese soup dumplings.

If you want to spice up your night with drinks, but are bored of beers, wines, or spirits – Soju, a delicious Korean distilled alcoholic beverage which comes in many fruity flavors, is a product of personal recommendation from me.

Oseyo offers nearly every flavour of Soju available, so it will be easy to find your favourite.

It also allows customers to “explore an array of offerings including Korean cosmetics, household items, Korean beauty masks, Korean shampoos, and KPOP albums featuring acclaimed albums from BTS, Jungkook, and Blackpink,” says the Oseyo team.

The classic Korean quick meal, ramyum (or ramen) is arguably the best instant noodles money can buy.

The store offers all the biggest ramyum brands in Korea, from Bludak, and their extra spicy ramyun, to less spicy iterations such as flavors from Shin Ramyun.

You may find your new favorite food or drink. When has it ever hurt to try something new?

Click here for Oseyo’s website and opening time of its Guildford store.

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