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Tipple of the Month – January 2017

Published on: 7 Jan, 2017
Updated on: 7 Jan, 2017
Jeremy Blood of the Surrey Wine School

Jeremy Blood of the Surrey Wine School

Jeremy Blood from the Guildford based Surrey Wine School reveals his locally available “Tipple of the Month” for January.

Whether you like it or not wine and food matching is becoming more and more scientific, only recently a Canadian university science professor has used his gene and molecule computer program to help find the perfect wine and cheese pairings.

So for all of you who prefer the less scientific method of taste it and find out, here are two of my favorite wine and cheese matches.

1. Tunworth Award winning British Camembert like cheese made in Alton in Hampshire. A very modern cheese, made since 2005 by a lady who started in her kitchen! Rich and sweet, nutty with a pleasingly vegetal flavour paired with – Tingle Up Riesling Great Southern, Australia Tesco Finest £8.00 Rieslings are naturally high in acidity and lower in body so great with the flavour of the cheese. This is a fruity aromatic Riesling with citrus and flowery aromas. Ideal aperitif material, it also likes Asian spices.

2. Ash Pyramid French ash covered goat’s cheese. Clean and white inside, this cheese changes dramatically with time. When it is young it is smooth and fresh, later it becomes aromatic and more pungent paired with Pouilly Fumé, Loire, France, 2015 Tesco Finest £11.00 Pouilly-Fumé is one of the world’s great Sauvignon Blanc regions. The name (fumé means smoky) stems from the distinctive gun smoke aroma caused by the region’s flinty soil. Also pairs well with salmon.

Surrey Wine School run wine and cheese matching sessions with local Cheese company Flavour Tastings our new 3 month Cheese and Wine Course starts in March. For more information about Surrey Wine School, visit:, or call 01306 898569 or 07436 072518.

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