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TNT Lorry Collides with Wall – But The Parcels Get Through

Published on: 26 Oct, 2013
Updated on: 29 Oct, 2013

A TNT delivery lorry collided with a stone wall on the A3100 Portsmouth Road, in St Catherine’s, just south of Guildford, as a police car on an emergency call passed. The incident occurred yesterday (October 25).


Skid marks leading to the damaged wall tell the story of the collision. Fortunately, no one appeared hurt.

Don Hunt, a local resident, who also took the photos, said: “I did speak to the driver and he was not injured, just a bit shocked, I think. He had been well looked after by the owner of the wall.

“His account is of an unfortunate combination of events. He said he was following a car down the hill passing Rivermount Gardens. At the same time a police car with siren and flashing lights was coming up the road [towards Guildford], it had gone wide to avoid a bus.

The TNT Lorry with collision damage clearly visible.

The TNT Lorry with collision damage clearly visible.

“According to the truck driver, the car driver, confronted by the sight of the police car, braked very suddenly. The lorry driver’s only option, he said, was to turn onto the pavement. His brakes then locked as he skidded into the wall.

“Incidentally, the parcels did get through. TNT sent another van for them.”

Portsmouth Road RTA 3 251013

This photo shows clearly the damage to the Bargate Stone wall.

Bargate stone walls are a characteristic feature in St Catherine’s and other parts of Guildford, especially those developed in Victorian times. Bargate stone is a sandstone, laid down in the Cretaceous period around 100 million years ago, which has exposed beds on the southern face of the Lower Greensand ridge that runs east-west, a mile to the south of Guildford and in other beds further south. Most commercial production of Bargate stone was in quarries around Godalming but none now continue to operate, so repairs will have to rely on material still at the scene or recycled stone.

If you witness a newsworthy incident please take a leaf from Don Hunt’s book: grab a couple of photos and a bit of factual information and send them in to Help us to report Guildford news.

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