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Emergency Call to Epsom Road House Fire

Published on: 26 Oct, 2013
Updated on: 28 Oct, 2013
Guildford firefighters rush to put out a house in Epsom Road

Guildford firefighters rush to put out a house in Epsom Road.

Report and photos by Dani Maimone

Guildford firefighters were called to an address on the Epsom Road last night (October 25) when a passer-by noticed signs of a fire.

The alert citizen had dialled 999 just after 6pm, having seen the fire in a downstairs room of a four-storey house. A chip pan had been momentarily left unattended in the kitchen whilst the resident, who did not wish to be named, had gone next door to talk to a neighbour.

Hearing the smoke alarms going off she promptly returned to her house horrified to see the fire in her kitchen. As the front door was open the passer-by rushed in to help put out the fire and sustained minor burns to her foot as a result.

475 Firemen Neiser and Durant left to right

Left to right: fireman Neiser and Durant.

Two fire engines attended and firefighters Neiser and Durant (pictured) wore full breathing apparatus to enable them to enter the building safely.

The fire generated a lot of smoke that had spread throughout the building. Fortunately, the damage was not extensive. The Fire & Rescue Service cautioned residents that the premises needed to be aired  to make them safe.

Fireman Durant said: “Our current advice when we get an emergency call about a fire to anyone present at the scene is that we don’t advise them to try and put it out themselves. We tell them to close the door where the fire is taking place, leave the building and dial 999 immediately.”

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service attend between 500 and 600 accidental fires in Surrey homes each year. Their website encourages all households to have a fire plan in place so that all residents and members of any family know what to do if a fire breaks out in the home: “The most important thing is to leave the building as quickly as possible and do not stop to collect your valuables. Time is of the essence.”

For further details check out the Surrey County Council website at

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