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Credit Card Theft Victim’s Own Ordeal At Thieves’ Trial

Published on: 17 Mar, 2014
Updated on: 17 Mar, 2014

Two Romanian thieves were jailed last week after pleading guilty to a string of charges of theft, fraud and attempted robbery. But one of their victims has had a frustrating time after agreeing to help the cause of justice.

ScalesLast summer Guildford alderman Bernard Parke was one of Ramona Borcoi, 37, and 41-year-old Laurent Dadaci’s victims. They stolen his bank card in a distraction burglary while he was shopping in Marks & Spencer. They used a £5 note in their scam, asking whether he had dropped it. They temporarily took hold of his wallet, but when he grabbed it back and after they had made off, his realised his bank card had been stolen. They then quickly used it withdrawing £410 from Barclays Bank, before he even had time to report it stolen.

Sometime later Mr Parke learned that arrests had been made and he agreed to assist in the justice process if required. Here are his thought after all that went on…

“It was a bright mid morning in August when I was subjected to the indignity of a credit card scam.

“Fortunately the culprits were caught soon after the event, and two of them have spent the intervening period on remand. The third was placed on bail.

“From August until now I have done as much as any law-abiding Guildfordian would do in helping to bring the accused to justice in the interest of the well being of my fellow citizens.

“Eventually all three pleaded guilty and were due to be sentenced in the first week of March.

“I had submitted two personal statements, and as such, I was asked to attend the crown court hearing in case I was called to act in some way.

“On the first morning I spent some hours waiting for the trial. And although the prisoners had arrived, there was no interpreter present!

“I thought this was strange, as when I was approached by them on that fateful morning they spoke almost impeccable English. The case was then deferred until the following day.

“After spending a further three hours at the court the next day, it was established that the interpreter had arrived but the perpetrators of the crimes had not been brought there.

“It was not possible to use the prison video link and so procedure was adjourned until the following Monday.

“At that time I inquired why they there only two people mentioned and not the full compliment of three.

“I was told that third member had by then skipped bail and had disappeared.

“Naturally, all law-abiding people wish to assist in playing a part to stamp out crime not only in Guildford but throughout our country.

“However, if anyone else had been subjected to such a ‘time of trial’ as me, I am sure they too would have thought twice about getting involved.

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