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Volunteer For The Thrill Of A Lifetime

Published on: 27 Jul, 2015
Updated on: 29 Jul, 2015
Guildford Cathedral Leg Ulcer 1

A stunning view of Guildford cathedral from the air. You could enjoy similar views.

A charity urgently requires volunteers to enjoy the thrill of a lifetime, for just £45.

Those who step up and answer the Leg Ulcer Charity’s call will be able enjoy the wonderful panoramic views of Guildford and then experience the thrill of abseiling to the ground, something that would normally cost £95.

Leg Ulcer 8The abseil will take place at Guildford Cathedral on Saturday, September 5th but volunteers need to enrol quickly  so that they have time to obtain a target of £150 sponsorship.

Participants will have the opportunity to climb the spiral staircase of 249 steps to a height of 160ft and enjoy the wonderful panoramic views of Guildford .

Leg Ulcer 7

The view from he top. All you have to do is lean back, allow the rope to slide through your hands at a controlled rate and enjoy the ride. What could be simpler?

Sensible footwear and clothing must be worn which is suitable for a harness and helmet, fancy dress is welcomed and positively encouraged.

The organisers can accept participants from the age of 8, but parents must accompany them up the tower. They can also accept over 80’s, however they will have to sign a special consent form, stating they are in good health.

Leg Ulcer 2

Here’s one relaxed abseiler on a previous charity event at the cathedral. It really looks like fun.

The money raised will go to the Leg Ulcer Charity, a one-of-a kind charity which aims to empower those suffering from leg ulcers – approximately 500,000 people across the UK – giving them the knowledge to understand their condition and to know what to ask for to get a cure if possible – and if not, to find out why not.

To get involved in the challenge, to register and for more information, please visit and  email email


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