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VoucherBin – A Review

Published on: 1 Jul, 2016
Updated on: 1 Jul, 2016

VoucherBin guildford dragon.comModern times require modern methods. And that includes shopping.

In ancient times (as far back as the year 2000), people would hunt around in high streets and in the classifieds adverts for bargains. Great fun but hard work.

Nowadays, the internet takes away the slog from bargain hunting and puts the keen-eyed shopper in position to search vast numbers of shops and articles before spending a penny.

And, just as there are search engines to help us track down the best insurance deal or even to buy a house, so it is with seeking out vouchers for handy reductions or sales are concerned.

This is where VoucherBin comes in and it does make finding voucher for on a desired item a bit easier.

They deal with vouchers and discounts in the top brands in diverse niches. You can s earch for vouchers according to category which is handy.

They also have a “Savings Calculator” feature which looks good and which gives you an approximate idea of your savings on a particular deal.

According to the “Why Use VoucherBin?” section on their website, they have an average of 100 new vouchers added daily. If you want, you can sign up to their newsletter and make sure that you don’t miss on any of them.

VoucherBin conducted a survey on online shopping trends in past couple of years and they say that 94% of the people are making use of e-commerce websites to shop and that rings true.

It is more of a surprise though to hear that one in every three shoppers use vouchers when making purchases and according to their survey, 91% of them are likely to be a returning customer.

So if you do have a specific purchase in mind, or even to do a bit of shop browsing, VoucherBin does make it easy.

It appears to feature not just the big name shops but also the niche and specialist as well and that is heartening.

Categories go from ‘art and entertainment’ to ‘shoes’ and all points between so it is worth a good look.

Try some money saving deals by visiting at

VoucherBin guildford

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