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Were You There? More Guildford People From Yesteryear to Identify

Published on: 5 Nov, 2020
Updated on: 6 Nov, 2020

By David Rose

Here is another selection of photos of Guildford people taken by the late Dave Salmon, to be featured with hundreds more images on a double DVD, available soon!

These, taken in and around the 1960s and 70s, follow on from the previous story Were You There? Can You Identify These People From the 1960s? published a couple of weeks ago from which there was a great response in naming some of those featured. All comments can be found at the foot of the story.

As mentioned previously, Geoff Burch, the custodian of the Dave Salmon archive of photographs, and myself are currently compiling a second double DVD set of Dave’s photos.

The first double DVD set, Dave Salmon A Man And His Camera Part 1 – Railways was released last year and has been selling well.

Dave Salmon A Man And His Camera Part 2 – Guildford will features buildings and street scenes, events, carnival processions, floods, the demolition of the Friary Meux brewery in 1974 and Guildford railway station in 1988, Guildford City Football Club, and a section titled Sports and Social, where these photos shown below will be slotted in.

If you can help by recognising any of the people and perhaps a bit about them, and the venues as well, please leave a reply in the box below with your comments and noting the number(s) as given on each photo.

Or send me an email to

To buy copies of Dave Salmon A Man And His Camera Part 1 – Railways, (£14.95) click here for Geoff’s Rambling Railwayman website.

Or if in Guildford, the DVD is stocked at Ben’s Collectors records in Tunsgate – when he reopens after the latest lockdown!

Picture 1. That’s entertainment: let’s all get around the piano! Clicking on the images to enlarge in a new window may help with any identification.

Picture 2. Down in one: let’s ‘ave another drink.

Picture 3. Just the three of us: anyone look familiar?

Picture 4. It’s Christmas time…. well, going by the decorations behind these two. Note the Friary Meux seven-pint Pipkin ale can to the right!

Picture 5. A man and his minibus: Looks to be parked in Stoke Road near the junction with York Road.

Picture 6. Here he is again: The vehicle still exists, location not known.

Picture 7. We’re on a beano: At some seaside resort, who are they?

Picture 8. He’s behind you: Could this be the Trades & Labour Club that was up The Mount?

Picture 9. What a swell party this is: Can we have your names please?

Picture 10. “Put your hands together for a band who need no introduction, as we can’t remember their name…..”

Picture 11. Another Saturday night: Who are these girls? The beer glasses on the table to the right are marked ‘Courage’ with its cockerel trade mark.

Picture 12. Charity match: Possibly just that and held at Guildford City’s Joseph’s Road ground. It has been suggested City played against a team of professional wrestlers. But who is the woman on the right who kicked off the match?

Picture 13. Sign here: From the same match as above, youngsters clamour for this guy’s autograph. It’s not England’s World Cup winning captain Bobby Moore, although he looks a bit similar.

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Responses to Were You There? More Guildford People From Yesteryear to Identify

  1. Sheila Atkinson Reply

    November 6, 2020 at 10:05 am

    I am fairly sure No 8 is not the Trades and Labour Club, the background is not familiar.

  2. Steve Bridger Reply

    November 6, 2020 at 10:26 am

    Picture 7. Far left is Bob Adlam who was a member of the Corporation Club as was Dave Salmon.

  3. David Rose Reply

    November 6, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    It has been suggested in picture 12 the wrestlers may be Judo Al Hayes (Lord Alfred Hayes) and Johnny Kwango.

  4. John Lomas Reply

    November 6, 2020 at 2:09 pm

    The Bedford CFJ2 VDY414 was delivered to ABC (Blue Saloon) in May ’64
    There is a brief history of the company here.
    It might trigger more memories.

  5. Brian Holt Reply

    November 8, 2020 at 12:57 pm

    Picture 12: This photo was taken at the Guildford Lions Club’s charity football match on September 24, 1967.

    This was a match between Guildford City and the Black and White Minstrels.

    I was there and still have the programme. Inside it the president of the Guildford Lions Club wrote: “We regard this as a family day event in which all members can enjoy the entertainment provided by a galaxy of well known “show-biz” and sporting personalities.”

    In the photo from left: the ex-Brentford and City player Percy Gleeson, who played for the City from 1948 to 1955.

    Then Syd Bishop the City captain, then a older Bobby Moore, (I am certain), then either George Mitchell or Tony Mercer from the minstrels.

    The lady is the Miss World 1964 winner Ann Sidney from Poole in Dorset. She was a friend of Guildford City director Jim Roberts.

    The City team that day included the QPR and England goalkeeper, Ron Springett.

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