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When This Father Got Needled By His Daughter, It Was a Pleasure

Published on: 17 May, 2021
Updated on: 20 May, 2021

Laura Sillett preparing her father for his second Covid jab.

By Martin Giles

Most of us are very pleased to have our Covid jabs but Dave Sillett had an extra reason to be happy; his daughter Laura administered it.

Laura is a Guildford School of Acting graduate but with her acting work in abeyance, because of the lockdown, she stepped forward to be trained as a temporary NHS vaccinator.

Father Dave said: “She had had proper training, so I was not nervous. Laura has a cool head, I just felt proud. I don’t think she was worried about it either.

“When it came through that I was to receive my jab in Basingstoke, where Laura was working, she told me to ask the administrators if it was possible for me to get the injection from her and they happily agreed.”

Laura said: “I did feel a little bit nervous because my dad’s health was in my hands but I was also confident because he was my 90th patient. I do feel really proud to be working for the NHS as part of the Covid vaccination programme.”

Laura’s acting career was inherited from her parents who have been involved with theatre productions “all over Guildford”. And Laura was successful until the pandemic struck.

Laura Sillett as Sandy in Grease on board the liner Harmony of the Seas

Dave added: “My wife Sue, a Guildford girl, and I went on a cruise on the huge liner Harmony of the Seas especially to watch Laura perform. The ship has a 1,500-seater theatre and we must have seen her star as Sandy in Grease 15 times during the three-week cruise.

“Actors have to be able to deal with the unexpected under the gaze of an audience so I knew giving jabs would not faze her.”

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