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Wild Fish Dead As Fuel Pollutes Bramley Stream

Published on: 10 Sep, 2022
Updated on: 12 Sep, 2022

Four dead trout found in the normally clean flowing water downstream from Bramley

By Emily Inge

Fish have been found dead in fuel-polluted water in a Bramley stream where children play. The incident has been reported to the Environment Agency.

Just downstream of Bramley Village and the Downslink Way, local residents Luxmi Selvarajah and Steve Gentle were checking the level of Bramley Wey on September 5 following an overnight storm, when they found four dead fish and saw fuel on the water surface which smelled like diesel.

Mr Gentle told The Dragon that the stream is normally clean enough for children to play in, but this week the water is very high and flowing fast.

“Our main concern was how much oil had been deposited in the pristine stream and how much wildlife had been affected”.

David Morley, a former Bramley parish clerk, commented that only some of the local roads had oil traps in the drains, meaning heavy rain would carry any fuel spills directly into the usually clean stream.

One of the dead trout as it was found

Gathering information for the story, I walked upstream on Friday, September 9 but was not able to see an obvious source of pollution.

Whilst the problem appears to have cleared, residents are encouraged to stay alert and report any further pollution to the Environment Agency.

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