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World Famous Vineyard Meets World Most Famous Mountain

Published on: 16 Jun, 2016
Updated on: 19 Jun, 2016

On Friday, June 17, 19 intrepid lycra-clad enthusiasts will be climbing the height of Everest on their bikes at Denbies to raise money for the charity, Patchworking Garden Project.

Earlier this year the charity had all its garden furniture stolen. So the Dorking Cycle Club decided it would like to replace it for them.

The cyclists will ride 73 times up and down the famous hill at Denbies to climb and descend the equivalent of mount Everest for the charity, Patchwork Garden Project.

The cyclists will ride 73 times up and down the famous Champagne train hill at Denbies in Dorking to climb and descend the equivalent of Mount Everest for the charity Patchworking Garden Project.

The Dorking-based charity aims to bring positive change to people’s lives through gardening.

As a social horticultural project, it invites those experiencing difficulties as a result of isolation, bereavement or recovery from either psychological or physical ill-health to join them.

Each of the 19 cyclists will climb the height of Everest, an elevation of 8,848 metres, by cycling up and down one hill many times.

Cali Gill, who works at Highways England in Guildford, said: “We will be setting off to climb the mountain with gusto, determination and with a spring in our pedal at 4 am, literally full of porridge and coffee.

Everest, 73 times higher than thehill at Denbies .

Everest, 73 times higher than the hill at Denbies.

“The time it takes us will range from around 17 hours in the saddle to 24-plus hours. The hill is approximately 125 metres in elevation so we’re going to climb it at least 73 times just to make sure we reach our goal.

“Some of us will be striving on for 10,000 metres of climbing which will be an incredible achievement.”

The distance cycled will be the equivalent to cycling from London to Brussels and the combined team effort of all of the cyclists will stretch nearly all the way to Mount Everest itself.

If you want to support the cyclists, you can go to Denbies and give them a wave or a shout to encourage them.

You can give money directly to the charity through its website, Patchworking Garden Project.

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