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Worn Casts Lead To Some ‘Dirty’ Bowling

Published on: 16 Sep, 2013
Updated on: 16 Sep, 2013

By Colin Summerhayes

Saturday September 14 promised to be a wet day, and so it was. By the time Castle Green Bowling Club’s (CGBC) three teams arrived at the Hersham Village BC grounds the rain was falling.

We all donned waterproofs. Luckily the rain stopped, but the wet green was well covered with worm-casts, which made for some dirty bowling even when the worst of them had been cleared away.

The local club provided each team with a bucket at the end of each rink, to wash the muck off the bowls. Fortunately it did not rain again, and the green began to dry out a bit through the afternoon.

But the weather was cool, and it was not the most pleasant conditions for play in. After being just eight points adrift at half time, CGBC lost overall by 41 to 67; either CGBC got worse, or Hersham came into their own after the half-time tea.

Jim Horwood’s team of Patrick Andrew and Julie Hinde lost by four points;  Nick Hinde’s team of David Newman and Mary Reeves lost by eight points; and Colin Summerhayes’ team of Dorothy Newman and John Heyes lost by 14 points. Not a fine one for the annals! But that’s bowls for you.

On a cool, grey, cloudy afternoon, with rain threatening, CGBC managed a win at home against opponents from Broadwater BC, by  58-49, on Wednesday September 11.

To avoid the threatened rain we played straight through the afternoon and had tea at the end. It began to rain just as tea was ending. Good timing! Jill Bird’s team of Nick and Julie Hinde scored 24 to 14;  Larry Webster’s team of  Patrick Andrew and Jim Horwood scored 21-14; and Colin  Summerhayes’ team of John Heyes and Dennis Hirst-Marsden scored  13-21.

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