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Not Yet A Night Of Terror!

Published on: 25 Sep, 2014
Updated on: 27 Sep, 2014

Guildford Dragon editor Martin Giles, contributor David Rose and fellow historian Mike Bennett have a fascinating illustrated presentation about the infamous German Zeppelin raid on St Catherine’s Village in 1915 during the First World War. It is called A Night of Terror.

They have given the presentation on previous occasions locally and were due to give it again this year on Saturday, October 11, hosted by Guildford Borough Council’s heritage services.

The L13, the German Zeppelin that hovered over Guildford on October 13, 1915 and dropped 12 bombs on St Catherine's causing a night of terror for local people.

The L13, the German Zeppelin that hovered over Guildford on October 13, 1915 and dropped 12 bombs on St Catherine’s causing a night of terror for local people.

Unfortunately, this date has been cancelled, although it is still listed as taking place in a story on page 10 of the latest edition of the council’s About Guildford newspaper, dropping through letterboxes this week.

Martin, David and Mike, (the latter unfortunately not mentioned in GBC’s publicity), had indicated to the council’s heritage services department that the Guildhall in the High Street would be a perfect venue. Their presentation is more than a ‘regular’ history talk as it includes sound clips, animation and moving images, along with lots of pictures all about the Guildford raid, the design and operation of German airships, and discusses why the raid took place and the fate in 1916 of the commander of the airship on that night over Guildford. It really was a night of terror for the town’s population at the time.

Due to slow ticket sales through the summer, heritage services felt that the Guildhall venue had to be changed to the smaller Brew House at the back of Guildford House. Martin, David and Mike pointed out this is not a suitable venue for the nature of their presentation.

After consideration by both parties, it was agreed to postpone the presentation and to perhaps re-schedule it next year with plenty of pre-publicity by heritages services. To the presenters, it appear as if this decision, made recently, didn’t meet the deadline in time for About Guildford.

Martin, David and Mike apologise to anyone who had bought tickets (they will be refunded, call Guildford Museum not us!) and to those who might still want to attend.

Along with the Guildhall, the presenters are now considering a number of other venues to stage the presentation, expected to be in October 2015, as near as possible to the 100th anniversary of the raid itself.

Watch the Dragon for more details.


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