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Zero Movement – And It’s To the High Street

Published on: 16 Nov, 2023
Updated on: 18 Nov, 2023

168 High Street

By Martin Giles

The Zero Carbon team which left its Friary Street premises earlier this year has announced it is moving to the High Street.

After rumours linking them with several other sites in central Guildford, they announced yesterday that they will be moving to 168 High Street, premises formerly occupied by India Jane, and before that the Cookware Shop.

Zero Carbon Guildford’s objective is to help the borough of Guildford reach carbon neutrality by 2030, through the development of a community-led climate action plan.

Stephanie Bleach, recently appointed a coordinator at Zero, said: “We have signed ‘heads of terms’ on these fantastic premises.  It’s a brilliant location at the top of the High Street, and is in good-enough condition for us to get back to action soon after getting the keys.

“Owing to the circumstances on the premises we’re hopeful we might get keys as soon as the next few weeks. But those of you with good memories will know that we announced Friary Street once we’d signed heads of terms – and it took another 2.5 months to get the keys!”

Stephanie cautioned: “Heads of Terms are not a contract. There are still several issues that could arise, and nothing is guaranteed, so we all need to keep our excitement in check a little bit, but effectively this is an ‘agreement in principle’ for us to take on the lease.”

She then continued: “So, following the success of the crowdfunder, we now need to crowdsource some good vibes, cosmic power, karma, or whatever you believe in – so keep your fingers and toes crossed that everything goes smoothly, and if it does, the doors to ZERO will swing open again soon!

“A huge thanks and well done to all the folks in the Building Search team for all their efforts over the last few months. A great effort to not only get us back in business, but in a space which is an upgrade on Friary Street.

“There’s still a lot of things to work through, but stay tuned for developments and announcements on what volunteering is needed to get us back in the game.”

A happy Stephanie looking forward to taking up residency at the top of the High Street, fingers crossed.

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