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Corinne West Sings Live At St John’s, Farncombe

Published on: 15 May, 2016
Updated on: 15 May, 2016

Acclaimed American singer-songwriter Corinne West makes her debut appearance at St John’s Church in Farncombe on Saturday, May 28, at 7.45pm.

Corinne has been a traveling soul since the age of 15 when she left her family home and her school to travel across America in a converted school bus with a band of activists.

Corinne West

Corinne West who is appearing live at St John’s Church, Farncombe on Saturday, May 28.

Her powerful and eloquent voice, coupled with the way she weaves her potent songs, has earned her a unique identity in the worlds’ acoustic roots scene.

Legendary BBC radio DJ Bob Harris proclaimed: “I love Corinne’s music and truly believe in her as an artist. She has spirit, integrity and talent. I am a massive fan.”

The material on her latest recording came about after a year-long sabbatical in Austria, which culminated in her new disc Starlight Highway.

Starlight is my first completely self-produced record,” Corrine says about the sessions.

Corinne West is touring her new album "Starlight Highway".

Corinne West is touring her new album”Starlight Highway.

“I wanted to create a body of songs that moved my music in new directions, while paying tribute to the music I have done in the past. This influenced my decisions regarding the instrumentation; piano, organ, acoustic rock angles, heavy harmonies, the deep-drive of drums, the laid back floating ballads… I wanted to play with many flavours, and I didn’t hold back on using any spices while in the sonic kitchen.

“The songs for Starlight Highway have taken quite a journey. Many of them were written in 2011, on the heels of my last release, and have been waiting – wherever it is that songs do wait – for a place to land and sing themselves. The songs are decidedly more revealing than others I have released; less dripping in metaphor, more direct and perhaps stark. This is an intimate record, and covers a lot of territory.

“I marvel at how deeply personal experiences so often translate into universal and mythic principals. It’s as though there is an invisible blueprint somewhere, continuously showing up in stories and art.

“My aim with this recording is to communicate a personal emotive glimpse of what we all experience in our own way, on our own roads, as we climb, fly, fall, isolate, believe, reinvent, connect, dream… Though seemingly different, we are all somehow cut from the same cloth.

“While creating the album, I was struck once again by how when music is tight… it all becomes beautifully loose. Everyone on this recording was a gem to work with. It was a high adventure for me to both steer and gently hit cruise-control at times to get just the right synergy, tones and movement the songs were reaching.”

You can read more about Corinne West on her website,

Support comes from upcoming local singer-songwriter Rebecca Jayne.

More details are available on

Tickets are £12 in advance or £15 on the door. Tickets can be obtained by clicking on the Julian Lewry website or eventim.

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