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Dragon Video Interview: David Rose on his Local History Talks and Guided Walks

Published on: 18 Apr, 2016
Updated on: 18 Apr, 2016

This is a pilot interview with one of the Guildford Dragon contributors David Rose talking about the local history talks and guided tours he offers.

To contact David email:

We were testing the technology (apologies for the poor sound quality) and hope to publish some more interviews in due course.

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Responses to Dragon Video Interview: David Rose on his Local History Talks and Guided Walks

  1. Harry Eve Reply

    April 18, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    Very interesting to hear about the tunnel myths – especially given the current tunnel visions. How will future historians look back on what is going on now?

    A question for David Rose which seems appropriate given the Queen’s birthday.

    When I was a child – living in NW Kent in an area that was rapidly descending into urban sprawl and became part of Greater London – we had two cinemas (one is now a fast food outlet and the other made way for a petrol station I think).

    I recall that, in those days, a film was followed by the national anthem and you were expected to stand to attention although that was already beginning to change.

    There were those who felt that everyone should stand, those who felt obliged to do so, and those who rebelled. This is fairly recent history. I am not sure when the practice stopped – maybe David knows?

    [David Rose: I think the last time I went to the cinema (films and drama in general do not interet me much) the playing of the National Anthem still took place! Was it being played in the early 1980s? I think it was played at the end of TV broadcasting at that time before the white dot appeared on the screen. I recall, if we were still up watching the TV when the musical strains of ‘God save our…’ came on, the telly was soon switched off.]

  2. BrianHolt Reply

    April 18, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    I like the interview. The next one should be David Rose interviewing Martin Giles.

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