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Election Debate Part 3: ‘We Drive On What’s Left Of The Roads’

Published on: 1 May, 2021
Updated on: 3 May, 2021

This article was originally published with the incorrect video. We apologise to our readers for any inconvenience.

In the third of four short debates, chaired by Dragon NEWS editor Martin Giles, we asked the parties fielding candidates in the 10 Guildford divisions of Surrey County Council for their views on Surrey roads, transport in the county and potholes.

The wide-ranging discussion talked about investment in roads and public transport, improvements needed to facilities for cycling and walking and the pothole repairs.

George Potter (Liberal Democrat candidate for Guildford East) was scathing saying the roads, potholes and transport were: “symptomatic of Conservative failure at County Hall”. John Morris The Peace Party candidate for Guildford West) said additional funding from the government was needed to maintain the roads.

Liz Hyland (R4GV candidate did not think that the monitoring of road repairs was working, saying contractors should be made “to go back and repair” where necessary. Sam Peters (Green Party candidate for Shere) decried the short term approach to repairs and said that “investment in affordable, accessible public transport” would take cars off the roads.

Anne Rouse (Labour candidate for Guildford North) criticised the state of Surrey’s roads saying “We don’t drive on the left of the road, we drive on what’s left of the road”. Susan Parker (Guildford Greenbelt Group spokesperson) thought there was a need “to change the funding formulae” from being paid per mile of classified road to one where dependant on the number of people using the road.

The Conservatives declined to take part in the debate saying: “We have decided that we will not be taking part in any online hustings so that we can concentrate our efforts on speaking to people directly.”

You can watch the full debate here…

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Responses to Election Debate Part 3: ‘We Drive On What’s Left Of The Roads’

  1. David Pugh Reply

    April 30, 2021 at 4:28 pm

    I agree that the main problem is the shoddy repair of potholes when they are repaired – they are just patched up quickly leaving an uneven surface and gaps where further water can penetrate to undermine the repair. There seems to be no incentive for contractors to do a good job as they are probably just paid anyway. Better scrutiny is required and no payment made to them until proper standards are met.

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