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Indie Of The Month: The ‘Inspiring Women’ at Indigo Moon Holistics Spread the Healing

Published on: 9 Jun, 2022
Updated on: 10 Jun, 2022

By Hugh Coakley

It isn’t often a new starter business is an immediate success but Indigo Moon Holistics has definitely fitted into that category. And it is one to watch for the future.

Indigo Moon Holistics in Tunsgate Quarter has been a huge success since it opened in November 2021.

Billed as giving “healing and restorative experiences”, it opened as a pop-up in the Tunsgate Quarter in November 2021. But with eager queues waiting outside the door to get into the “rammed shop” at weekends, it has already moved to a more permanent basis in the up-market shopping mall with a formal lease.

Owners Georgina Winfrow and Jo Planishek, said they had achieved so much in the short time they had been open. Georgina said: “We knew it would be a success. We are running to catch up with the demand.

“We have created something extraordinary and doing better than most start-ups do in their first year.”

They now have a full-time treatment room in the Guildford Institute in Ward Street and run courses which are “all sold out”,  said Georgina.

She added: “The shop has become a beacon of light in Guildford. We are healers and there is so much need for that. People come here for spiritual advice. Some people have said they don’t why they have come but they feel drawn to us. That’s our greatest achievement.”

Georgina Winfrow with psychic medium, Michelle Morley, who is fully booked up for her weekly sessions at Indigo Moon Holistics.

Amanda Masters, CEO of Experience Guildford, said: “They both set the business up during lockdown. In a short time they rented the unit in Tunsgate Quarter and now they have a treatment room too at the Guildford Institute.

“It’s the extra bits they do which is surprising, like their training courses and kids well-being. I think they are inspiring women!”

Manager Anna Clark with Indigo Moon Holistic owners, Georgina Winfrow and Jo Planishek. “Anna is the voice of reason,” said Georgina, “when we have our hair-brained ideas,”

Their success has meant they have had to take on staff including a manager, an administrator and 10 part-time young people who help in the shop.

Georgina said: “Our manager, Anna Clark, is fabulous.  She is the voice of reason when we have our wonderful, hair-brained bipolar ideas.

“We are proud to have bipolar, it makes us who we are and understand others with mental health challenges.”

“We are a great team together,” said Jo. “Our motto is helping people to help themselves.

“Our next phase is to develop the training side of our business. By spreading the healing, it raises the collective vibration in the community.

“This time next year we would love to run a retreat.”

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