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Letter: Decision to Postpone Awards Shows Double Standards At Work

Published on: 10 Apr, 2021
Updated on: 9 Apr, 2021

From: George Potter

In response to: Anger Over Postponement of Mayor’s Awards for Political Reasons

I think it’s a real shame that there has been this push to politicise a longstanding, traditional, civic event.

Who cares if anyone winning an award for services to the community happens to be a member of, or even a candidate for, a political party? If they deserve the award for work outside of politics then they deserve the award, end of story.

Does anyone seriously believe that the residents of Guildford borough are so thick that they’re liable to be brainwashed into voting one way or another based solely on the strength of civic awards?

It is absolutely gobsmacking that the approval of the Local Plan (during an election campaign which revolved around the Local Plan) was considered to be routine council business but an innocuous civic award ceremony is now considered a political act which could alter the election results.

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