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Letter: Further Concerns about the London Road Proposals

Published on: 3 Oct, 2023
Updated on: 3 Oct, 2023

From: Niels Laub

See also: Some Concerns About the London Road Active Travel Scheme

I have some further concerns about the Consultation Stage of the Active Travel Scheme planned for the London Road from York Road to New Inn Lane.

We are now nearly two weeks into the consultation stage and:

  • many of us have still not received any notification of the consultation or the drop-in events;
  • Surrey County Council has refused to respond to Freedom of Information Requests regarding the costs of the scheme;
  • Surrey County Council is not displaying fully dimensioned drawings at the drop-in events. Where dimensions are supplied, they tend to be confined to areas which are least contentious and not those areas where the highway is simply not wide enough to support a fully compliant scheme. The dimensions on the sections are indicative and misleading;
  • Surrey County Council’s statement regarding accidents is highly misleading in that it applies to the whole of Surrey and not to the London Road;
  • Surrey County Council has not provided any traffic modelling to assess the consequences on traffic either during the construction stage or once the final scheme is in place;
  • the information Surrey County Council has provided on night-time roadworks and traffic restrictions is very limited and not in sufficient detail for members of the public to comment;
  • the questionnaire presented to the public is, in my view, highly leading in the way questions have been asked and limits the ability of respondents to fully articulate their concerns;
  • the design presented is not fully compliant with national guidelines for road or cycle infrastructure design and therefore will compromise the safety of all road users;
  • Surrey County Council has not presented the results of any safety audit which they are obliged to do under the Local Transport Note 1/20;
  • Surrey County Council has not presented the results of any access audit which they are obliged to do under the Local Transport Note 1/20.

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Responses to Letter: Further Concerns about the London Road Proposals

  1. Anthony Mallard Reply

    October 3, 2023 at 11:20 am

    Niels Laub has, once again, comprehensively articulated his (further) concerns, shared by many others, relating to the London Road Active Travel scheme’s failure to comply with national guidelines, the lack of many aspects of any meaningful detail, road width measurements, etc of this completely inappropriate and significantly flawed scheme.

    I just wonder whether the inadequate questionnaire and limited consultation is merely a tick box exercise or whether SCC will reflect on the detailed points raised by Niels Laub and others or, as I suspect, plough ahead regardless.

    When accidents occur, especially where defects in the scheme have been highlighted, will anyone at SCC be held to account? Sadly, I doubt it.

    Please see Cllr Matt Furniss’ response to Niels Laub’s first letter: My Response to Neils Laub’s Letter on the London Road Scheme

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