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Letter: Normandy Needs An Effective Parish Council

Published on: 4 Apr, 2021
Updated on: 4 Apr, 2021

From: Michael Aaronson

In response to: Comment: Normandy Parish Council – What Went Wrong and What’s Being Done?

Thank you, Roshan Bailey and your colleagues, for producing this note. There has been so much heat around recent events at the Parish Council; it is good to see some more light shed on what has happened.

It is a good illustration of the fact that if processes and procedures are deficient, personality factors can become hard to manage and things can get out of control. But, as your note highlights, individual councillors have often contributed beyond the call of duty, and we should be grateful to them for their selfless hard work on our behalf.

I hope some of them will be persuaded to stand again, and also that new people will come forward. The pandemic has shown the strength of our local community spirit; we need an effective parish council to harness this and to provide leadership to the Normandy of the future.

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