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Letter: The Green Party Fights on Many Fronts But GGG is Single-Issue

Published on: 18 Apr, 2021
Updated on: 18 Apr, 2021

From: Sam Peters

In response to: Why GGG is Better for Guildford’s People Than the Green Party

That the Green Party and GGG have strong policies on protecting the environment, habitats and wildlife and opposing over-development is certainly true.

But in terms of policy from the GGG website and leaflets, this is all there seems to be.

GGG is a single-issue party, an issue local residents clearly care about, and Green Party candidates support, but residents also care about transport; health and social care; local democracy; waste and recycling; crime and policing; education and countless other issues.

The Green Party has strong policies on all these issues nationally and locally. This has been amply proved by our many Green Party councillors at SCC and on local and parish councils, who tackle all these issues and more, on top of being at the forefront of protecting the environment and wildlife and leading on the climate crisis.

As before, attempts to contrast GGG’s local leaflets and policies with the Green Party’s national policies are somewhat disingenuous. I would again be more than happy to share copies of my election literature to enable a fair comparison.

On top of this, the GGG candidate for Shere, Julia Osborn, is quite clear in her literature that her background in politics is in the Mole Valley Conservative Association.

If local residents want a genuinely progressive candidate, rather than a former Conservative who became frustrated at her own party’s continued destruction of the green belt, their only option in this division is a vote for the Green Party.

If residents want a councillor who will protect the green belt and fight over-development and also oppose cuts to public services; fight against attempts to stifle local democracy; tackle the climate and ecological emergencies in a way that creates local jobs and reduces fuel poverty; defend Sure Start centres and provide community support hubs; protect social care and education budgets; and much more, then only a vote for the Green Party will achieve this here.

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test One Response to Letter: The Green Party Fights on Many Fronts But GGG is Single-Issue

  1. John Perkins Reply

    April 18, 2021 at 4:30 pm

    GGG should not rise to the bait. It’s perfectly normal to contend the most important issue only. Should they be tempted to publish a full manifesto, they will find their opponents more than happy to nit-pick the wording on everything other than the green belt. It’s distraction. There is nothing to stop a good councillor from supporting their constituents on anything.

    How “green” is the Green Party literature? Is it printed on recyclable or recycled paper using carbon-neutral printing methods?

    The suggestion that Julia Osborne cannot be “progressive” because she was once a Conservative is facile.

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