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Letter: Those Asking for a Local Plan Review Should be Careful What They Wish For

Published on: 8 Jul, 2022
Updated on: 8 Jul, 2022

From Colin Cross

R4GV borough councillor for Lovelace

In response to: The ‘Get Things Done’ Policy Has Environmental Consequences

The harsh reality of living with a Local Plan is that prior to reviewing it GBC will need to gather all the necessary evidence that supports proposed amendments and this process has been underway for some months.

The alternative is just to go ahead without the facts and announce a review ahead of having the current position fully documented, leading to developers being free to challenge any or all of our existing policies.

This would have dire consequences: Guildford would open to uncontrolled development on an even worse scale than now.

Be careful what you wish for and don’t think that things can’t get worse, they can.

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Responses to Letter: Those Asking for a Local Plan Review Should be Careful What They Wish For

  1. Jules Cranwell Reply

    July 8, 2022 at 8:02 pm

    I wish for a review of the Local Plan, whatever the consequences. It could never in my imagination be worse than the current plan. I had believed in Cllr Cross, and his promises that he would fight this plan. No longer, shame on him.

    Cllr Cross and his colleagues in “Residents for Guildford Town” need to understand that the majority of residents who voted for them on their promise to review the Local Plan wished, and continue to wish, that that promise would be kept. We did not expect them to continue the Tory “trajectory” of a developer-led plan.

    They seem to have adopted the Conservative mantle of “it could be a lot worse”.

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