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Letter: We Need To Break the Political Stranglehold on Ash Parish Council

Published on: 31 Jul, 2020
Updated on: 31 Jul, 2020

Carla Morson

From Sue Wyeth-Price

In response to: Dragon Interview: Carla Morson, Community Support Organiser in Ash

Carla Morson has been fantastic in her support of the local community, going back to well before the current Covid crisis. I’m sure she will be a real asset to the parish council, if only the other parish councillors could see it.

The stranglehold that the Tories have had in Ash needs to be broken, as can be clearly seen by Cllr Manning’s response in The Dragon (Comment: Generosity of Political Spirit in Short Supply in Ash Parish. He said: “There is no reason why the elected councillors should not wish someone with the same values to be part of the council.”

Perhaps Cllr Manning should take a leaf from Ms Morson’s book and recognise that it’s not about what the Tory party councillors want: it’s about the residents.

We need people, of all or no political persuasions, to finally stand up against this stranglehold, to get a variety of opinions and a range of input into the parish instead of watching them tread the same tired party lines.

I really hope that other residents support her.

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