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Letter: We Should Not Forget…

Published on: 10 Apr, 2024
Updated on: 12 Apr, 2024

From: Roger Kendall

In response to: A Large Majority Would Be Bad for Democracy

Don’t people forget easily.

While the Tories have had their problems, anyone who thinks Angela Rayner or Rachel Reeves would do a better job than Rishi Sunak and his team is sadly mistaken. Oh and there’s Kier Starmer, but then I’m not sure he really leads the party.

After the Covid issues and the Liz Truss debacle, it has taken time to sort the government but we finally have some decent intelligent leaders. If and when they are thrown out, the country will regret it. Better the devil you know that a disastrous unknown. Remember the GP problems all started when the Gordon Brown government said GPs didn’t have to work weekends.

The PM doesn’t have the speeches of Boris but he is efficient. Government is very complex and it needs real skill to manage it.

The elephant in the room is Russia. We have to spend more on the military. We need strength to avoid war and finance for Ukraine. Where’s that to come from? And remember a vote for a Liberal is still a vote for Angela Raynor.

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