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Multiple Resignation Rumours Reign at Normandy Parish Council

Published on: 7 Feb, 2021
Updated on: 14 Feb, 2021

By Martin Giles

Names of three of the nine Normandy parish councillors have vanished from the Normandy Parish Council website, apparently confirming their resignations.

They are Brian Middleton, Rachel Cunningham and Alastair Lawson. Other reliable sources later confirmed their resignations but the reasons remain unclear.

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According to published minutes, Brian Middleton and Rachel Cunningham were only co-opted to the council four months ago, on September 30, 2020.

Screenshot of the Normandy Parish council website showing the six remaining councillors.

Another councillor, Peter Palmer, told The Dragon today (February 7) he now lived in France. “The website might show me as a member,” he said, “but I think my membership has lapsed.”

Councillors are automatically disqualified after six months of non-attendance. Mr Palmer said he could not remember whether he had attended a meeting in that time. [This report previously stated that published minutes of the online NPC meeting of November 25, 2020, recorded Mr Palmer as present. This was incorrect, his last recorded attendance is May 2020.]

Cllr Geoff Doven said he had heard rumours of resignations. “I am not prepared to expand on what I have said,” he added.

Cllr Neil Aust would not confirm he had also resigned. He referred The Dragon to the parish clerk and ended the phone call.

The clerk, Leslie Clarke, also refused to confirm the reports and complained about being asked to comment on a Sunday.

The council last met online on January 27. Discussion was expected on critical audit reports and the council’s plan to address the identified weaknesses. [In an earlier version of the story it was said that this subject was not included on the meeting’s agenda. This was incorrect. We apologise for our error.]

Update February 8: After this article was published Alastair Lawson, Rachel Cunningham and Brian Middleton confirmed they have resigned.

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test One Response to Multiple Resignation Rumours Reign at Normandy Parish Council

  1. Wayne Smith Reply

    February 8, 2021 at 8:16 pm

    Normandy Parish Council seems as dysfunctional as Handforth Parish Council in Cheshire. Perhaps they should call in Jackie Weaver?

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