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New Café In Tunsgate Quarter’s Atrium Creates A Buzz

Published on: 18 Mar, 2019
Updated on: 18 Mar, 2019

by Hugh Coakley

Free coffee and cakes in a new café in its atrium drew customers into Tunsgate Quarter to celebrate the first anniversary of the shopping centre’s re-opening.

The new café drew customers into the Tunsgate Quarter shopping centre.

Activities for children and a Rock Choir also added to the excitement.

Debbie Brown from Guildford said: “The celebrations here are great. It’s been a good first year for the centre and I’m glad that it’s got a coffee place.”

Tunsgate Quarter’s centre manager Claire Suggitt said: “The growth has been phenomenal.

“We have good feedback from our traders in terms of growth. It does take two or three years for a shopping centre to be established.”

The Rock Choir prepare for their performance in the Tunsgate Quarter.

Claire said that the café was being run by Redber Coffee, local coffee roasters, for a limited period. She added that a permanent café in the atrium was still one of her aspirations.

Low footfall through the ‘high end’ shopping centre continues to be raised as an issue with Tunsgate Quarter.

An article in The Guildford Dragon NEWS in January 2019 had revealed that traders were very upbeat, saying that business had been good in 2018 and that they were hitting their sales targets.

Many though had called for a café to provide a focus to the atrium and it would seem that the Tunsgate Quarter management has listened.

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