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Safeguard Coaches Introduce ‘Kid For A Quid’ Deal, Young Adult And Family Day Tickets

Published on: 4 Apr, 2018
Updated on: 4 Apr, 2018

To encourage young people and families to continue to use public transport, Guildford’s Safeguard Coaches is offering a number of new fare deals from April 7.

Safeguard Coaches is introducing new fares deals for families and young people.

Key among them is its ‘Kid for a Quid’ fare with a price of £1 for any one-way or return journey at any time with certain short one-way journeys as little as 50p.

At the same time, the age limit for a child fare will increase to 16 years.

It is also introducing a young adult ticket with a maximum one-way fare of £1.50 and a £2.50 return journey fare.

The age range this ticket applies to is 17 to 24 years, with Safeguard saying: “While young people often have the option of using a car, reduced fares on a Wi Fi-equipped bus, combined with a regular and frequent service, offers a real alternative.”

To encourage families to use its buses, Safeguard has introduced a new family day ticket to give families of up to five people the ability to have a day out in Guildford for just £7.50.

This ticket is available for travel throughout the day of purchase.

From April 21 Safeguard will also change the timetable on its route 4 and 5 service to “improve reliability and offer new journey opportunities, particularly in the early evenings and on Sundays.”

The family-run Safeguard Coaches’ managing director is Andrew Halliday. He said: “Research carried out recently to understand the current experiences and views of young bus passengers, and how the bus industry could attract and retain them as the bus users of tomorrow identified that improving value for money, punctuality and reliability are constant priorities.

“The industry – bus operators, local authorities and Government together – need a relentless focus on delivering these basics. Getting the essentials right, alongside a more effective and targeted approach to customer retention, will help build trust and loyalty to make using the bus a viable long-term proposition for young people.”

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test One Response to Safeguard Coaches Introduce ‘Kid For A Quid’ Deal, Young Adult And Family Day Tickets

  1. Brian Creese Reply

    April 10, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    I think this is an excellent initiative and Safeguard should be applauded for trying to introduce a positive note into local bus services. Getting families onto buses can only be a positive thing for the town.

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