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Generous Donation Of Warm Winter Clothing And Bedding For Refugees Camped In France

Published on: 1 Dec, 2015
Updated on: 1 Dec, 2015

More than 3,000 items of warm winter clothing and bedding for refugees camped in northern France were donated on Saturday (November 28) at an event held at Guildford Borough Council’s Woking Road depot.

The event was organised by Guildford People to People, an organisation committed to supporting refugees across Europe. People dopped by all day long donating items.

Guildford MP Anne Milton and one of the volunteers at the collection of clothing and items for refugees.

Guildford MP Anne Milton pictured with Tom Doughty at the collection of clothing and items for refugees.

One of those was Guildford MP Anne Milton who donated a suitcase and two bags all full of items.

Overall the donations included 600 children’s and adult’s jackets, 213 blankets and sleeping bags, 150 pairs of walking shoes and sturdy trainers as well as 1,133 scarves, hats and pairs of socks.

An additional collection organised by Sophie Moran from Cranleigh raised a further 1,100 items in conjunction with Cranleigh School.

Pippa Guthrie in conjunction with Westbourne House School and Micro-Scooters also put together 250 rucksacks, each containing a complete outfit, for children and adults.

On December 14, all the items collected will be taken to refugee camps in northern France.

Items boxed and ready to be taken to refugee camps in northern France.

Items boxed and ready to be taken to refugee camps in northern France.

One of the organisers, Tom Doughty, said: “Thanks to the slick organisation of this weekend’s collection and tireless work by the volunteers, every last donation will reach those most in need within a fortnight.

“This will make a huge difference to people living in the cold, wet Calais ‘jungle’ and Dunkirk camps, a long way from what was once home in what is predicted to be one of the harshest winters for some time.

“Let us continue to hope and pray that our efforts, whether small or big, play a role in showing love and warmth to some of the most vulnerable people on earth.”

Tom also thanked a number of others who provided support: John Lynn of Bishopsmove, Guildford, for 50 removal boxes; Ian Handy from the University of Surrey Students’ Union community and events team who provided a van and driver; Cllr Caroline Reeves and Derek Trawber from Guildford Borough Council for providing the collection venue and donating 80 pallets to be used for building weatherproof shelters; Cranleigh Furniture Emporium; Roger Barriball; Shyne Adcock, organiser of Woking Cram My Van for Refugees; Sam Arium for also providing vans for the weekend; Dawn and Jasmine Bennett, and Jon Dowd who will be providing transport to the camps in Calais and Dunkirk; Phin Williams, owner of the Gallery Coffee Shop, Guildford, provided flasks of coffee and a tea urn for the weekend.

Rucksacks, each containing a complete outfit, for children and adults.

Rucksacks, each containing a complete outfit, for children and adults.

Tom added: “Thanks also go to all the volunteers who brought cake to keep us fuelled and worked tirelessly all weekend until the last sock and glove were accounted for and the room at the Woking Road depot was returned to Guildford Borough Council with no trace of occupancy.”

A ‘Refutea’ fundraising and awareness event to higlight the plight of refugees is taking place this Saturday, December 5, at St Clare’s Church in Park Barn.

Anyone who wishes to be involved in welcoming refugees to Guildford and Surrey can email

Facebook page:

Guildford People to People website:

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