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Hospitals Pause Merger Plans To Focus On Financial Position

Published on: 7 Mar, 2016
Updated on: 10 Mar, 2016

The boards of the Royal Surrey County Hospital and Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals and NHS Foundation Trusts have decided to pause their proposed merger planning to allow more time to focus on the financial position.

The Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford.

The Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford.

In a joint statement issued by both hospital trusts they say the decision has been made “in the light of the significant pressures on the NHS nationally, both financially and operationally”.

They add: “Both trusts have work to do on their own individual areas of challenge.  In addition, both trusts need to ensure that we take account of the national and regional policies as they change and become clear.

“Current predictions however mean that the merger plans – as they are currently described – would not be able to realise the anticipated benefits needed to make the merger viable, and thus the benefits to patients. The deteriorating financial position at Royal Surrey is a significant contributing factor, which both boards have taken into account as part of their review of the current situation.

“The boards’ decision to pause our detailed merger work is in order to refresh our position and consider the implications, in particular focusing on getting the finances back on track. This is very much a joint decision and one that both boards feel puts us in a mutually beneficial position to create the solid foundation needed for the new organisation to be successful.

“Both boards still believe that creating a bigger, stronger organisation is one of the best ways to secure and protect high quality services for patients. During this pause, we will continue to pursue those areas where it is sensible to look for savings and better ways of working together.”

The chairman at the Royal Surrey, John Denning, said: “This is not a decision our boards have taken lightly, particularly as we have put a lot of work and effort into these plans to date.

“We are both clear that resolving our immediate financial difficulties has to be our priority over the coming months.”


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Responses to Hospitals Pause Merger Plans To Focus On Financial Position

  1. Name withheld Reply

    March 8, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    I have worked at the Royal Surrey for 20 years and have seen so much money being wasted.

    Since I started there has been some sort of building work going on.

    Work they say is “essential”. Utter rubbish is what I say!

    I have seen walls go up only to be knocked down again a year later, and then six months later go back up again, but only for a short while until they realise it was all right in the first place.

    If the general public could see the ridiculous amount of money being thrown around here on work that is not needed they would be as disgusted as I am.

    And I am now ashamed to work here. If I did not need to work I would have left 15 years ago when I first realised what a shambles this place really is.

    Name and address withheld.

    • Robyn Jarrett Reply

      March 16, 2016 at 2:05 pm

      We are very disappointed at this comment which is inaccurate and misleading.

      This certainly does not represent the hospital as it has operated over recent years.

      The Trust’s own staff have stated that the hospital is very open and transparent.

      If this staff member has concerns, we would encourage them to speak to any of our Directors who would be keen to hear their feedback and who would, of course, take any appropriate action.

      Please note comments and letters published in The Guildford dragon NEWS, as with any other newspaper, express the opinion of the authors. Ed

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