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Community ‘Stars’ From Across The Borough Recognised by The Mayor

Published on: 26 Apr, 2016
Updated on: 7 Apr, 2021

More than 30 community stalwarts from across the borough of Guildford have been presented with The Mayor’s Award for Community Services for their hard work and dedication to duty.

The recipients of the 2016 Mayor's Award for Commiunity Service, pictyred with the leader of Guildford Borough Council, Cllr Paul Spooner (far left) and thr mayor, Nikki Nelson-Smith.

The recipients of the 2016 Mayor’s Award for Community Service, pictured with the leader of Guildford Borough Council, Cllr Paul Spooner (far left) and the mayor, Nikki Nelson-Smith.

The annual awards were presented by the Mayor, Nikki Nelson-Smith, at a ceremony held at the County Club in the High Street, who sponsor the awards.

She said: “All of those receiving awards were nominated by local people whose lives have been touched by their kindness, generosity of spirit and endless enthusiasm. I am delighted to recognise the tremendous contribution that they have made within our local community.”

It maybe somewhat unfair to single out just some of those who received this year’s award. However, two are regular readers and contributors to The Guildford Dragon NEWS with letters and comments to stories we publish.

Jim Allen is presented with his award by the mayor.

Jim Allen is presented with his award by the mayor.

Jim Allen of Burpham received his award for being a key player when dealing with issues affecting Burpham and Jacobs Well and who played the lead role in the day-to-day preparation of the Burpham Neighbourhood Plan, the first in Guildford.

He has committed countless hours and personal resources to help formulate the plan. In addition to this, Jim regularly undertakes litter picks and clean ups in his local area.

Jim is also volunteer project manager for the Surrey Panel of Remap, the engineering charity for the disabled, whose members make all kinds of specially designed equipment to help people with disabilities and is membership secretary of the Royal Aircraft Establishment (Farnborough) Ex-apprentices Association.

Alderman Bernard Parke.

Hon Alderman Bernard Parke.

Hon Alderman Bernard Parke’s award was made in recognition for serving as a Guildford Borough Councillor for 10 years, during which time he served as mayor (1990-1991).

In addition to this public side, he continues to do much good work in the local community. He helps many people in and around Onslow Village, advising them on issues and making contact on their behalf to local authorities when necessary, most recently helping the residents of Dray Court and playing a part in getting a bus service to stop outside on Sundays.

He regularly runs errands for elderly people, including making regular visits (along with others) to Freeman Bill Bellerby. Bernard is also a much-valued volunteer to the Joining In! Project in Westborough and Park Barn, which supports community involvement, helping to deliver the free booklet to many homes. He also supports the project’s co-ordinator David Rose in his wider work to promote and spread the word of Joining In!

Bernard is a keen local historian and has contributed many articles to the Surrey Advertiser and The Guildford Dragon News on aspects of the town’s history and its people. His heart is truly for the people of Guildford and a better town for all and he is an excellent example of someone making time to get involved in the local community.

Martin Giles.

Martin Giles.

The Guildford Dragon NEWS’ founder, publisher and editor, Martin Giles, also received the award. The citation for his award noted his “enthusiasm, energy and professional writing and editing skills to produce probably the best online local newspaper in the country”.

It added: “Over four years, The Guildford Dragon NEWS has reached many thousands of readers, and has opened up controversy, debate and new ideas and is a real breakthrough in community contact and discussion.”

Chole Dancey.

Chloe Dancey.

Others who have been recognised include shepherdess Chloe Dancey of Littleton. She has been a “star in her local community” consistently and unquestionably for 30 years or more.

For many years she facilitated visitor tours of the Loseley Estate and the hamlet of Littleton, to familiarise visitors, especially children with rural life, farm animals and the local countryside.

She has worked tirelessly as a shepherdess, with her flock including various rare breeds and is always keen to bring information about sheep, shepherding, wool production and weaving by traditional methods to the attention of the wider public.

Honorary Remembrancer Matthew Alexander supported Chloe’s nomination. He noted his admiration for her dedication to her craft and enthusiasm in presenting it over the years, which had enriched local people’s understanding of our history. The Lord Lieutenant, Mr Michael More-Molyneux, also supported the nomination, who added that during her time at Loseley Chloe had showed many thousands of children around the farm and would have had a very positive effect on their outlook of the countryside.

Steve Payne.

Steve Payne.

Steve Payne from Chilworth works for GLADE, a local social enterprise, supporting street cleaning across the Westborough ward and through his contacts with partner agencies, for example Guildford Borough Council’s community wardens. And having an interest in community matters, Steve has also volunteered for a number of community events.

His award also recognised his skills in cycle repairs and this helped immensely during the The Big Wheel community day event held tlast year, that included free cycle security marking.

His citation noted that ‘he is great with people, has a friendly, calming and engaging way about him and is a real pleasure to work with’.

The local community benefits hugely from Steve’s commitment to keeping the local area as clean as possible through his day job, which also involves mentoring and providing supervision for adults from Surrey Choices (Lockwood Centre) who need greater support when participating in local litter picking activities.

Peta Hayden.

Peta Hayden.

Peta Hayden received her award for being a key player in establishing the Tea and Memories Seniors Group, based at Surrey Choices (Lockwood Centre).

Her citation noted: “The creation of this club has provided those who may feel isolated or alone, with a safe and very warm place to meet and have fun.

“Peta’s persuasive personality, generosity of spirit, sense of humour, empathy and a true sense and understanding of people’s needs has attracted a large number of ‘seniors’ from the across the Guildford area and beyond. The group currently has 30 members, and continues to grow. The benefit to members is obvious; it reduces isolation and helps seniors to engage not only with each other but also with those they meet in general.”

The other people who were honoured were: Sheila Ashe, Marta Balint, Rosanne Bond, Adrian Brooks, Nigel Bruden, Cally Charman, Leslie Clarke, Donna Collinson, Michael Cowan, Annie Cox, Peter Hookins, Barbara Howes, Fran Johnson, Tessa Johnson, Eugeine Leeming, Suki Lowres, David and Linda Moyles, Linda Parker-Picken, Frazer Parsons, the editorial team of Pirbight’s Perinews, Stephen Pugh, Patricia Stanton, Ted Strange, Arthur Thomas, and Barbara Watkinson.

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Responses to Community ‘Stars’ From Across The Borough Recognised by The Mayor

  1. Harry Eve Reply

    April 27, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Well done to all the recipients and to our Mayor for recognising their efforts in this way. I recognise some of the names from comments and letters in The Dragon but this article gave me a better understanding of the efforts that their authors are making in the community.

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