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Dragon Interview: Cllr Tim Anderson on GBC’s Budget

Published on: 30 Nov, 2020
Updated on: 1 Dec, 2020

Cllr Tim Anderson

Local authorities across the country are facing unprecedented budgetary pressures and Guildford Borough Council is no exception.

Just as the council was trying to close the budgetary gap left by the withdrawal of the government grants, which used to form a major part of the council’s income, the pandemic struck two further severe blows. Extra expenditure was required while traditional income streams, such as car parking revenue, were diminished.

GBC chart showing the impact of the pandemic on its income.

In an interview with Martin Giles, Tim Anderson the lead councillor for finance explains the challenges the council faces.

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test One Response to Dragon Interview: Cllr Tim Anderson on GBC’s Budget

  1. Dave Middleton Reply

    December 3, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    A very interesting interview illustrating the financial difficulties the council faces. I think it also showed the human side of the council.

    People are quick to complain and criticise our councillors, of all party affiliations, but essentially they are local people, trying to do their best for the borough and its inhabitants.

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