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Letter: Mini-roundabouts Would Calm Farnham Road Traffic

Published on: 28 Sep, 2023
Updated on: 28 Sep, 2023

Farnham Road

From: Lee Padgett

In response to: Proposals to Tackle ‘Death Trap’ Road – Resident Urges Others to Have Their Say

The no left turn into The Drive from Farnham Road restriction was initiated by concerned residents.

The Lib Dems jumped on it and asked for a consultation. It was then handed over to a consultancy firm who altered it from the chosen outcome.

Some residents do not like the new scheme, possibly because it inconveniences them. Every day people can be seen ignoring the signage, contravening road traffic legislation apparently blind to the dangers and deaf to reasoning.

Mini-roundabouts on the Farnham Road would introduce traffic calming measures, enable pedestrians at those points to cross the A31 to The Mount/Green Lane and enable cars to emerge from the side roads (eg Friar’s Gate).

Speed limits alone will not alter speeds for those who already ignore the signage. But mini-roundabouts do not come cheap and it would probably entail cutting into land on the southern side of the road.

See also: I Question Surrey Highways Motivation for Consultation on Farnham Road Changes

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Responses to Letter: Mini-roundabouts Would Calm Farnham Road Traffic

  1. Mike Davis Reply

    September 28, 2023 at 10:44 am

    Why not just block of the exit point so drivers have to do a very short detor problem solved and just for the few hundered pounds

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