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Letter: Voters Due Answers About Problems Cllr Rigg Faced

Published on: 8 Mar, 2021
Updated on: 8 Mar, 2021

From: Gillian Cameron

In response to: Why Did Cllr Rigg Complain Instead of Taking Action Himself?

That all was not well at GBC has been apparent for some years. What else would account for a CEO and two heads of planning having to be paid to leave?

Unfortunately, transparency was not permitted at the time, and “gagging orders” were put in place. Apparently, certain undesirable aspects of the problematic culture of GBC have been slow to resolve.

Cllr Rigg finally spoke out to explain the slow progress of some major projects. Clearly, from his statement that for practically a year and despite his best efforts, he was deliberately obstructed from accessing the documents and information he actively sought and needed, to do his work, before the power-sharing agreement between the Lib Dems and R4GV was instituted.

What outrageous behaviour towards an elected representative of the people of Guildford and what a waste of Cllr Rigg’s expertise for so many months. Why was it tolerated by the Lib Dem Executive committee at the time?

Questions remain. Does a brief for the North Street project exist? If it does, why has the managing director not undertaken to ensure the brief will be produced in the coming week? If it does not, that will reflect badly on certain officers and the previous Conservative administration.

Is this why Conservative Cllr David Bilbe describes it as “weak” to make reference to them? He presumably prefers the discredited methods of glossing over uncomfortable facts.

I think the electorate is due some answers.

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