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Letter: Which Tory Party Does This Letter Represent?

Published on: 20 Mar, 2021
Updated on: 20 Mar, 2021

From: David Roberts

In response to: Now Tories Demand Review of Their Own 2019 Local Plan

Which Conservative Party do Cllrs Iles, Furniss and the other co-signatories of her letter belong to?

Is it the Conservative Party whose MP, Sir Paul Beresford, rightly says the Guildford Local Plan is “disastrous” and its adoption was “hurried and undemocratic”?

Or is it the Conservative Party whose former council leader Cllr Spooner (along with his then deputy, the same Cllr Furniss) forced through its adoption and insists there is no alternative – the party whose Guildford association president and election candidate Bob Hughes told The Dragon that he is “proud” of the plan?

Since we can’t vote for both of them, we will have to vote for neither.

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