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Letter: Why Did Cllr Rigg Complain Instead of Taking Action Himself?

Published on: 6 Mar, 2021
Updated on: 6 Mar, 2021

From: Christopher Jay

In response to: Council’s Project Handling Bungled, Committee Told in Shock Outburst

I watched the 20 minutes of Cllr John Rigg’s complaints about the problems he had trying to come to terms with the borough’s major projects. At first, I thought his complaints were a well-reasoned summary of the problems he had dealing with council officers and their reluctance/slowness/obstruction (my words) to give him documents and answers or otherwise help him.

Cllr Rigg, as he said, has been involved with property since the 1970s and is therefore presumably in his element when dealing with the major projects (and regeneration) portfolio.

I then began to speculate on why he was complaining to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Did he hope they would come to his assistance and challenge the council’s officers on his behalf?

Was he explaining why he could not fulfil his portfolio duty to oversee major projects? Was he admitting defeat in the face of an admittedly difficult oversight role?

The answer is surely that he should himself challenge the officers he believes should be helping him as an elected councillor. If he believes they are dragging their feet he should obviously keep on at them until they act or he should find out why they cannot rather than complaining to the committee in public.

Cllr Rigg has an important portfolio which I hope he can, in due course, fulfil.

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test 2 Responses to Letter: Why Did Cllr Rigg Complain Instead of Taking Action Himself?

  1. Jim Allen Reply

    March 6, 2021 at 6:44 pm

    Perhaps the problem is getting the council juggernaut rolling again after being welded in place by the previous administration.
    It requires multiple cuttings discs wielded by a whole team to get it moving.

    Rather than leaving it all to Cllr Rigg “because he knows what he is doing” more need to pitch in.

    Too often the job is left to a single person while all others make demands of him while doing nothing to help themselves.

  2. David Ogilvie Reply

    March 8, 2021 at 10:36 am

    Councillor John Rigg is doing a fantastic job in getting the GBC juggernaut moving after a very frustrating first year when R4GV were in the minority in the council and kept out of the picture.

    He needs all the help he can get from councillors and council staff. Christopher Jay’s comments are misplaced.

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