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14 Surrey Stalker Suspects Issued Protection Orders During First Year of New Law

Published on: 23 Jan, 2021
Updated on: 26 Jan, 2021

Fourteen stalking protection orders have been issued in Surrey in the 12 months since the law was introduced, police have said.

The order allows officers to intervene early in a case, barring the suspect from behaviour associated with stalking.

Detective Superintendent Wendy Whiting, Surrey Police lead for stalking, said: “The orders we have issued gives me confidence that we do have victims reporting and our officers are using these powers to protect them.

“But being a victim of stalking is a terrifying ordeal and it takes a great deal of courage to report it. This behaviour is not normal and it shouldn’t be ignored or accepted.

“We want people to recognise the four signs that are an indication someone is stalking you. These are a pattern of fixated, obsessive, unwanted behaviour which is repeated.”This can take many forms, both in the real and cyber world, tracking, physically following, threats, violence and damage. The effects on victims, families and their friends can be significant and life-changing.

“We had a case recently, where after a short relationship ended, a male suspect turned up at the victim’s address, forced her into a vehicle and drove around for hours. On another occasion, he broke into her home and was found hiding in the wardrobe.

“He also sent numerous unwanted gifts, as well as constant calls, texts and threats of violence towards her. In this case, a two-year stalking protection order was issued.”

For help and advice contact the National Stalking helpline on 0808 802 0300. In an emergency always dial 999.

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