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Letter: Does The Council Live Up To Our Town’s Motto?

Published on: 24 Apr, 2016
Updated on: 23 Apr, 2016
Council Chamber and Motto

Guildford’s motto can be seen at the top of this image of the council chamber, taken from a council webcast.

From Jules Cranwell

I have noticed the motto over the expensive new council chamber.

Fortiter and Fideliter, translates as “Bravely and Faithfully”.

Just how brave is this council? How faithful is it to the public it serves?

How brave and faithful is it to hide behind a non-existent “confidentiality agreement” in refusing to divulge the maths used to calculate the housing need figure?

The few councillors who are brave enough to stand up to the leadership are harangued and harassed.

And those councillors who are truly faithful to their constituents, such as Cllr Bob McShee (Con, Worplesdon), are sidelined.

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