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Christmas Day Power Cut For Homes to the South East of Guildford

Published on: 26 Dec, 2020
Updated on: 30 Dec, 2020

By Martin Giles

A large area to the south-east of Guildford, including Shalford, Chilworth and Blackheath, suffered a power cut that commenced around 6.30pm on Christmas Day. It is unclear whether the outage affected everyone within the area shown on their map.

The area affected by power cut according to the UK Power networks website.

The UK Power networks website reported: “An underground electricity cable faulted on our high voltage network, causing an area-wide power cut

“We estimate the power will be back on: 11.30 – 12.30. We may be able to get some customers on sooner.”

A later message stated: “We restored a power cut in your area at 12.22”

Engineers were on-site at 8pm last night, but according to one of their updates this morning, the repair has been delayed “due to ongoing complications with gaining access to private land”.

Candle power kept one resident’s family Christmas going.

One resident told The Dragon: “It was ‘candle city’ here last night. We played cards and Cluedo by candlelight. But the power went back on for us at about 1am.”

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