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Churches’ Debt Service Identifies People With Anxiety And Depression

Published on: 23 May, 2016
Updated on: 22 May, 2016

A programme run by a number of Guildford churches is helping people with anxiety, depression and other psychological conditions to find new hope.

CAP logoIt is part of their work with the charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP).

They find that poor mental health often runs hand-in-hand with financial difficulties. Follwing the recent Mental Health Awareness Week, they have been highlighting that debt help and friendship is available locally.

Guildford CAP debt centre manager Jane Seals said: “If you’ve no money but you’re getting constant demands, threatening letters and phone calls, it’s very stressful. There’s the fear of losing your home, the worry of not being a good parent, relationships feeling the pressure. It’s not surprising that a quarter of our clients describe themselves as having poor mental health.

“However, it also goes the other way. Debt can also be a by-product of an on-going condition. It’s much harder to be working and earning if you’re suffering from a mental health issue and therefore, you’re more likely to be struggling with day-to-day costs.”

The free service from CAP has won several national awards and the charity is regarded as an industry leader for helping the most vulnerable people with a uniquely in-depth service. CAP is also frequently recommended by TV’s money saving expert Martin Lewis.

Jane added: “If you’re feeling low and financial problems are part of that, we want to hear from you.

“CAP’s system is great for people who are struggling because we come to see you in your home, CAP’s staff at the headquarters in Bradford negotiate with all your creditors and we organise all the paperwork. It’s also absolutely free and for everyone whatever their age, gender, faith or background.

“In a recent survey, 94% described our service as ‘a great help’ or even ‘life transforming’, so we hope people will give us a ring and book in for us to come and see them.”

She added that on May 5, MPs in the House of Commons discussed the faith community’s positive contribution to society. The Guildford churches are glad to be part of that in the local area.

If you need help with debt problems see or call 0800 328 0006.

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