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Dragon Interview: Mark Bray-Parry On The Latest Proposals At Stoney Castle

Published on: 3 Jul, 2021
Updated on: 7 Jul, 2021

Mark Bray-Parry of the Green Party

By Hugh Coakley

Mark Bray-Parry has sent a proposal to Surrey County Council, Guildford Borough Council and the Environment Agency for the council to take over the controversial Stoney Castle site in Pirbright around two weeks ago.

He is awaiting a response to what he has called a “complex situation”.

The issue of alleged unauthorised activity on the site in Stoney Castle, Pirbright has been going on since 1988 when GBC issued the first enforcement notice, said Mark Bray-Parry in an interview with Hugh Coakley of The Guildford Dragon NEWS.

He says he had become “progressively more concerned, the more he read about the site” and the possible environmental implications and health impacts on the nearby residents.

Please watch the interview here…

His proposal would involve the Environment Agency funding 90% of the clean up operation with GBC and possible SCC making up the shortfall.

Mark Bray-Parry, the spokesperson for the Green Party in Guildford, talked about how the problem has escalated over the years when it would have been better, and cheaper, to have dealt with it effectively, sooner.

He said the question to the borough and county councils was why they had not used their powers to take over the site to stop any unauthorised activity. The Dragon will follow up on this question with SCC and GBC.

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Responses to Dragon Interview: Mark Bray-Parry On The Latest Proposals At Stoney Castle

  1. Daniel Hill Reply

    July 4, 2021 at 9:00 am

    Having seen the interview with Mark Bray-Parry, could Surrey County Council answer this question: in 2015 what legal powers did I have to stop the occupiers gaining access to the Stoney Castle site to dump waste?

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