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Dragon Interview: Sam Peters, Green Party

Published on: 19 May, 2021
Updated on: 21 May, 2021

Controversy surrounded the result of the county council Shere division election but Sam Peters the Green Party candidate remains adamant that standing was the correct decision for his party.

Dragon editor Martin Giles also questions him on the approach to elections under the first past the post system by opposition parties and the need for cooperation.

Green Party policies on green belt development and population are discussed as well as their stance on the development of our road infrastructure and maintenance and their national policy for the rationalisation of taxes. Please watch…

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Responses to Dragon Interview: Sam Peters, Green Party

  1. Tom Baker Reply

    June 5, 2021 at 1:32 pm

    I totally agree with Sam Peters comments relating to the environment locally, nationally and globally. It is the duty and responsibility of every human being on the planet to take, if they are not already doing so, an extremely serious relook at the climate and environmental issues. They are relevant now.

    Where will we be in fifty years time, given the rate the planet’s resources are being depleted, burned and turned into fossil fuels to drive the machinery which in turn is fueling global economies, especially the “G7” group.

    I call them the “greedy 7”. They’re the most hypocritical of all, hosting these pretentious meetings to catch up for a cosy chat, pat each other on the back and eat and drink at the taxpayers’ expense. It’s just another excuse for a party for the wealthy who will be holding out their greedy hands to grab more money to spend on their lavish lifestyles,

    Meanwhile, the people who have generated that wealth will receive nothing more than an insulting pittance, the next generation of human beings will have a very difficult lifestyle one which will possibly include the need for permanent air filtration masks,

    now we’re seeing the result of air pollution and the effects it has on the respiratory system that’s why it’s been so easy for the covid-19 virus to inflict such damage and kill millions of people globally as human immune systems have been weekend by the poisonous food we are forced to eat and the poisonous air we are forced to breathe.

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