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Grant Bourhill New Chief of Surrey Research Park

Published on: 28 Apr, 2021
Updated on: 27 Apr, 2021

Surrey Research Park CEO, Dr Malcolm Parry, has retired, 40 years after he founded it, being replaced by Grant Bourhill, chief executive of Leicester Science Park and driving force behind Space Park Leicester.

Mr Bourhill, who has a background in academia and business, said: “It is an honour to take charge of a vibrant community of 170 high-tech companies, supporting thousands of jobs in the park and the wider area.

“It is testament to Malcolm Parry’s work and leadership that the team has created such a superb asset that contributes so significantly locally and nationally.

Grant Bourhill, the new chief executive at the Surrey Research Park.

“I look forward to working with our tenants, the University, the Surrey business community and partners to add even more value to the economy and foster business and academic collaboration to drive economic prosperity and innovation even further.”

The University of Surrey uses its diverse strengths across space, cyber-security, artificial intelligence, telecommunications technologies, and health, all strongly represented by its businesses on the park, said to generate more than £1bn of economic activity each year.

A report by BIGGAR Economics, an independent economic consultancy, said businesses at the 4,000-employee Research Park were twice as productive in terms of economic output per employee as their local and national counterparts and over 50% of businesses have benefitted from partnerships with the University of Surrey.

Professor David Sampson, pro-vice-chancellor, Research and Innovation at the university, said: “We are a seat of learning, but also a well spring of innovation and social benefit creation.

“As a powerhouse for jobs and economic value in Surrey and across the UK, our Surrey Research Park is a national success story. Under Grant Bourhill’s stewardship,

“I look forward to the Park going from strength to strength, delivering more jobs and creating more wealth, driven by globally impactful research from the university and by the innovation ecosystem we play an integral part in sustaining.

“I also again thank Malcolm Parry for his vision and dedication over 40 years in building the Park into the economic and employment asset it is for Guildford, Surrey and the wider UK.”

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