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Letter: Part of Europe? So What? – We Are Also Part of the World

Published on: 31 Mar, 2016
Updated on: 31 Mar, 2016

EU flagFrom John Perkins

Richard Peters says in his letter: “Whether we like it or not we are part of Europe.”

So what? We are also part of the world and we don’t have to tie ourselves to the small part that is the EU.

What happens in Europe is no more important than anywhere else and taking part in decisions is not the same as influencing them.

I have no time for warmongering and am not disposed to confront Vladimir Putin militarily.

Tax avoidance in the EU is enabled by the EU principle on free movement of money. The issue of immigration is aggravated by the EU principle on the free movement of people. Both principles are fundamental to the EU. We cannot be a part of the EU and not comply.

My own recent experience of the NHS and care homes is that most of the junior staff are not from Europe, but from east Asia. Illegal entrants can be ejected, unless of course the European Court of Human Rights decides otherwise.

Finally, Mr. Peters appears to be saying that we should stay because, otherwise, some of those who claim to be our partners would be nasty to us. Maybe we are better off without such “partners”.

For once I agree with Stephen Mansbridge in his response to Mr Peters. Experience has shown that the only way to negotiate with the EU is from a position of strength, so a credible threat to leave is absolutely necessary, although personally would prefer not to waste time with a mere threat.

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